M.I.A. Is “Stepping Up” The Crazy In New Track

A new electrifying song popped up this afternoon, (supposedly) an M.I.A. track from her upcoming album /\/\ /\ Y /\, and it leaves no stone unturned in terms of production. There are so many beats thrown on this electro-tinged track we don’t know where to begin. (No word on whether it was directed at any other somewhat suspect reporters, but you never know.) Listen to “Stepping Up” below.

M.I.A. – “Stepping Up”

M.I.A. – Stepping Up by sheenabeaston

This track is all over the place, and it’s sort of crazy (and on the short side), but it’s wild and energetic and we’re liking it more than her punk-leaning single “Born Free.” No wonder M.I.A. is headlining LA’s HARD fest this Summer—her new stuff seems like it fits extremely well in a dance/rave atmosphere.

Somebody who would know what /\/\ /\ Y /\ really sounds like is M.I.A.’s ex boyfriend/current collaborator Diplo, who somehow got his hands (or at least his ears) on Maya’s album. He tweeted his initial reaction:

“just listened to mastr of the MIA album.. WOW.. my 3 trax are slammin! dunno bout the rest-sounds like skinny puppy ☹ & gives me nightmares.”

(Skinny Puppy, for those not in the know, is a Canadian post-industrial band. We went over to their website to compare and contrast their sound with “Stepping Up”, but their band name makes us too sad.)

Apparently Diplo is totally okay with semi-trashing ex’s tunes and likening them to “nightmares” as long as the tracks he worked on came out okay. Seriously, Diplo, you might not want to burn that bridge. We have a feeling M.I.A. has stronger matches. (And her own Twitter account that can be used as a weapon.)

/\/\ /\ Y /\ drops July 13, and we swear we are going to have an aneurysm thinking about the amount of times we’re going to have to type out the album name in that idiotic fashion til then.


  • http://bit.ly/baOVxH Brandon Hall

    This is trippy and I like it, she may get a case of word-vomit from time to time but she still makes great music. She may not be for everyone one but she doesn’t need be, she does what she wants and even when she takes things on a new path she is still able to identify with that direction entirely.

    Ive always loved MIA’s work ever since I first heard Galang way back then and Ive been a big fan ever since however I was not a particular fan of Paper Planes.

  • 66cat389

    This trash could never hope to hold a candle to Skinny Puppy. To even mention MIA in the same breath as Skinny Puppy is an insult to them as a band and to their fans. This autotuned crap isn’t even in the same arena as Puppy.

  • Terrence

    Who’s Diplo? Who are Skinny Puppy?
    Whites need to stop latching, quit discrediting and start creating.

  • 66cat389

    Excuse me, Mr. Racist. Skinny Puppy has been around since 1982.