‘SYTYCD’: The Top Three Dances, And Why Bringing Back The All-Stars Was A Bad Idea

Wade Robson should have choreographed the opening number to Season 7 to David Bowie’s “Changes” instead of “Fame”, because with all the (unnecessary) adjustments made to So You Think You Could Dance the changes were all we could notice. While the decision to shoot in High-Def was a brilliant idea, bringing back the All-Stars was a dismal choice of New Coke proportions. Namely this: it’s impossible to take in a new competitor when your eye keeps drifting to a familiar old favorite dancing along side of them.

Last night still had some high points, three to be exact. Click below to watch the three routines that shone the brightest in last night’s showcase.

The night started off with a bang, a pow, and a croquet match. Wade Robson‘s contemporary number to David Bowie’s “Fame” had our dancers dressed for high tea and the stage was set like an English garden. Now, it’s one thing for a dancer to do a Wade Robson number justice, it’s another to do it barefoot on AstroTurf, while balancing a cup and saucer on your arm. This routine reminded us a little bit of the medieval dance number in Heath Ledger’s A Knight’s Tale. In what will probably be the theme of this season, the All-Stars started in the spotlight and the competitors came out from behind the shrubbery and attempted get whatever camera time they could get.

Jose Ruiz performed with All-Stars Comfort, Twitch, and Dominic in a Tabitha and Napoleon hip hop routine. Jose definitely held his own among the All-Stars, but just as in Season 6, we feel that when Tabitha and Napoleon try to incorporate break dancing into a routine, they lose a lot of their personal style seen in their more memorable routines. We’re still not sure how Jose and Twitch were able to pull of the “sweatshirt switcheroo”. It was like a magic trick!

Adechike, Ashley, and Robert perform with All-Stars Neil and Courtney to Estelle’s “Freak”, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. We feel for Ashley. Her height, build, and hair in this number made it nearly impossible to tell her apart from Courtney. It was like seeing double. The routine was powerful, raw, and fun. We just have one question: how did the guys take off their duck tape costumes at the end of the night? Ouch!

All potential complications of Season 7 aside, we’re excited for what the Top 11 have in store for us.

Some things we hope to see next week: Mary Murphy. (What good is a Hot Tamale Train with out its conductor?), Tyce Diorio choreographing to something other than a Bob Fosse number, and more awkward moments between Dominic and host Cat Deeley.

(photo via FOX)