Get Caught In The “Crossfire” Of Brandon Flowers’ First Solo Single

Jun 11th, 2010 // 9 Comments

A radio rip of Brandon Flowers’ first solo single “Crossfire” is doing the rounds, and he appears more pensive and mellow than ever. Sure, there were some slow numbers on that last Killers album Day & Age, but never before has B-Flo sounded so—dare we say it—adult contemporary! (In this case, not necessarily a bad thing.) Head below to hear “Crossfire,” the first preview of what’s to come from Brandon’s solo endeavor Flamingo.

It’s all very VH1 circa 1989, isn’t it?

CS Perspective notes that the song “has that epic stadium feel to it and the lyrics are deep and provoke feelings you never knew you had.”

What do you think? Does “Crossfire” make you want to “lay your body down, lay your body down, lay your body down”? Or are you eager for Flowers to get back to business with The Killers?

  1. I cant seem to play it “Track unavailable”

  2. Wow they struck like lightning this time.

  3. Vid worked for me. I like it, but it’s nothing groundbreaking. I would have rather he did something drastically different to draw a line, rather than follow the Rob Thomas model of solo records.

  4. All These Things That I've Boinked


    Flamingo is looking a little weathered!

    She is not aging well…please grow your pretty plumage back, Flamingo.

  5. Amber

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Just beautiful Mr. Flowers!!!!!!!!

  6. Sandy

    Dare I say Brandon Flowers is a genius! Worth the wait. Can’t wait to hear the whole album—-the song is addictive. Give it a listen and it will grow on you.

  7. Cynthia

    Brandon can do no wrong! I love this man. So talented!

  8. Crossfire! YOU’LL be caught in – crossfire…. CROSSFIRE! haha robbie, i just got this reference.

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