No Need To Check Their Pulses, The Jonas Brothers Are “Feelin’ Alive”

America’s favorite Disney rock brothers Kevin, Joe, and Nick, are back with another ode to the Greater Los Angeles area with their newest single “Feelin’ Alive”. The song is the second single off of their new album Jonas L.A. (the soundtrack to season two of their TV show of the same name). Listening to the track’s Bon Jovi/stadium concert sound, it’s pretty easy to guess that this will be the big concert scene this season on Jonas L.A. Click below to give “Feelin’ Alive” a listen.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Jonas Brothers – Feelin’ Alive” dl=”0″]

Our favorite lyric:

My Heart Goes Boom As The Stars Go Blue, Like A Sea Of Cell Phone Lights

Only the Jonas Brothers could compare the astronomical splendor to cellular technology.

So, did “Feelin’ Alive” get your heart pumping or did it leave you flatlined?