Adam Lambert Is A Glam Creature Of The Night In His “If I Had You” Video

After the dreary near-nine-minute epic that is Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” video came along last week, perhaps what we’ve all been waiting for is a colorful, upbeat clip to knock us out of our pop depression. Et voila—Adam Lambert’s vid for “If I Had You” has arrived just in the nick of time to snap us out of the doldrums! Watch the energetic visual for the Glam One’s latest after the jump.

As we caught an early glimpse of before, “If I Had You” not only takes place in the woods at night, but it features a gang of Adam’s real-life friends—not to mention the extremely quotable singer himself looking way more dolled up than in his previous video, “Whataya Want From Me.” Talk about A Midsummer Night’s Dream gone sexy!

Stand up straight on those silver platform heels and doff your own top hat to yourself, Glambert—between the flashy colors, the playful dancing and the actual smiling, this is what a feel-good summertime music video should look like.

What do you all think—did Adam perfectly capture the feel of his power pop jam with the “If I Had You” video, or were you expecting something different from him?

  • peacevehicle

    I JUST LOVE THIS VIDEO. It’s like a glammed up version of the best party ever with all the friends you really love and the cast of AVATAR and Peter Pan along for the dance.

  • lil

    Luv it.. it’s been ages since anyone artist did something like that: funny, summery, flirty, colorful and at the same time paying homage to so many different things: Alice in Wonderland, Peter-Pan (sorta), the Chinese Lion dance, the wood elves, even the Wizard of Ozz… you know, come to think of it, this video is unique. Let me watch it again and again and perhaps I’ll catch few more (subtle ) references :-)

  • Traci

    It’s amazingly epic! It’s purely joyous, campy fun, and, as usual, Adam’s vocals are out of this world. Makes me want to get up and dance!

  • anne

    Help.!!! Doesn’t let us hear this in South Africa. Urgent!!! Please!!!!!

  • Michelle

    I absolutely LOVE this video!!!! So much fun!!! It’s stunning visually! I totally want to go dancing in the park now!

  • kms

    Absolutely love this video – a visual and sonic treat. Artistry without having to resort to shock and so uplifting.

  • Selene

    I thought the “Alejandro” song was meh, okay kinda dancey and summer-y beat. And then when I saw the video, I cannot help but to picture it when I listen to it on the radio, which kinda kills the fun. But Adam does the opposite with this video. I hope this is the song of the summer. Who doesn’t want to party like this? This is really artsy, campy and it doesn’t need to get all political and controversial to send a message about acceptance and love. I’m voting for this one over Gaga’s on Vh1.

  • riri

    i love it sooooomuch!!


  • Jen

    I love it. Thus is the song & the video of the summer!!

  • Daisy

    This is one of the best videos I had ever watched. I love it !

  • joy glampira

    AWESOME! I loved it and can’t help watching it over and over again….With all the negativity and sad news going on in the world today we need videos like this to keep our spirits up- Thanks Adam you never fail to delight and entertain us and I am thoroughly thankful for that- not to mention the message is important as well…that no matter your age, sexuality, or color of your skin we can all party together- You Rock Adam as usual!

  • Jurnee

    It’s the perfect summer song and video. I’m tired of seeing half-naked female pop starts trying to shock us with their video antics. Adam sticks to great singing and showing us that you can be super sexy while rocking great clothes – esp. the “Mad Hatter” look. I’d like to be part of whatever party Adam is at.

  • bridgeymah

    Loving the joyful 80s throwback vibe of this. Like some wild boys headed to the woods to party after a detour via Rio!!! No faux controversy in sight, just good bright fun. Go Adam – pop girls take note you can look sexy WITH your clothes on.

  • Barbara

    Perfection!! ART+TALENT+JOY= UNBELIEVABLE entertainment. A win for sure. My favorite vid of his yet, and I LOVE them all.

  • Melirose

    Gaga’s video is pretty good, but i dont understand her need to be controversial in every video for the sake of being controversial. she used to have fun and is now taking herself SUPER SERIOUSLY, and thats driving me crazy. it’s killing the fun of her songs. Adam is so fun and campy in this! i love it, he’s like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. i also love that his real life friends are in it. If this song doesnt wind up being a summer hit for him, then something’s wrong with the music industry today. i cant get the you-you-y-you you’s out of my head LOL

  • MoeMoe

    Love, Love, Love it…Only Adam could bring it like that…Rock on Adam

  • tabitha

    visually stunning and inspiring message–should be a HIT!!

  • Glambert I Is

    i absolutely LOVE this video!!! and all of the other ones he has done =D i CANNOT wait for the next one he does!

  • dani

    i freakiiiiiing love adam lambert. this is hot as annnnnyfreakingggthing. AHHHHHHHHHHHMAZINNNNNG<3333333333333333333333333

  • Charlotte

    Love it, Love it. Adam lives the theme of LOVE and getting along that he preaches, that is why his friends will drop everything and come party in the woods with him. They are as loyal to him as he is to them. Adam truly is in a class by himself today.
    He can actually sing, he is funny, he is smart, he is beautiful, he is creative. On his tour, he changes things up a little every night, he laughs with his band and dancers, even goes go-karting on a day off. People who do not realize what we have in this amazing man, read interviews with Meat Loaf, Brian May, Slash, are missing out on a lot of joy. He is incredible, as is his video.

  • Karen

    Thank you Adam, Band, Dancers and all your friends (plus RCA management) for the upbeat and spirit uplift with the creation of “If I Had You” music video. The song and the video are perfect for the summer and a vintage Polka dot glamikini will be a perfect outfit for pool and forest dancing.

  • Micki

    to Anne in S Africa, or anyone else having trouble seeing the vid

    Someone (sony?) is pulling the vids from youtube pretty quick, so try this: First, get yourself a “flash video downloader” (google that, several around & many are free, I like FVD Suite best) Then search youtube for as nice a copy (watch on the fullscreen size) as you can find, and put the URL for that video into your flash video downloader, and it should save it onto your computer so it won’t matter for you if the video gets pulled from youtube thereafter. (Some downloaders like FVD Suite can also convert the flash video format into AVI’s or several other formats so you can pick one your fav video player can handle.)

    Hope that helps.

  • Mia

    Or just go to to see the vid…

  • coloforadam

    Absolutely fun, fabuous and upbeat! MJ would have loved it!!

  • Mel

    It’s fun. That works.

  • josh

    This is a great music video, suits the man perfectly, and has exceptional energy and vibrancy. You cant fake that kind of charisma. He’s got it.

  • Youtube

    I know! so frustrating! Vh1 needs to open this up. I’m in Canada and I can’t even watch it! Blows! Keep checking youtube, i managed to watch it a few times before they pulled it off, but it’s totally worth buying for your collection.

    Thank goodness somebody finally made a FUN video that makes sense with a FUN song.. I already KNOW the world is full of problems and going to hell in a hand-basket, Thanks, remind me later! all I could use is just a tad bit more nudity to go along with the FUN.. *ahem* Adem, next time, take off your shirt pplease. ok, Thanks. Luv ya :)

  • Maurita0821

    speechless???????? :0 :) :0

  • Paula

    This video is so visually appealing I can’t stop watching it. Adam Lambert’s message of love and light is a good one and they video brings that through loud and clear. If I had You musically makes your feel happy and feel like dancing. Adam’s latest offering is fun and should be a smash hit. Love it!

  • SMN

    Hippie-life revisited!!!
    Okay, bare-feet substituted by leather-boots and stripper-shoes ;)

  • monique

    I love it. Adam is the best.

  • Soozin

    Visually stunning, fun, with lots of throwbacks to the 80′s and even the 60′s – this is definitely the feel-good video and song of the summer. In fact what a great way to kick off a decade of summers! Adam has an incomparable voice and a creative vision to match it which makes him a super showman who will only continue to blow us away with what is yet to come.

  • Samantha

    Adam Lambert, scary, and a whole lotta noise and chaos. Gawdawful!

  • Soozin

    I’m so sad for you, Samantha, first that you find Adam “scary” since he and this video are all about love and connecting with other people. Do you normally only go to parties in nice quiet places, like the library perhaps?
    Most of us like noise and movement and fun and dancing with friends when we party. “Chaos” = spontaneous+unstructured+uninhibited+fabulous+creative, I wish I could get myself on Adam’s next guest list because he really knows how to throw a great party! I would pitch a tent in that forest and CAMP there to be included, and I can make a really mean cheeseball too ;)

  • lisak

    Love it! I want to go to that party .. Of course, i’d love any party where Adam is part of the crowd!

  • Sharon

    Would you be interested in getting a copy when it goes up for sale on iTunes? Or can you buy it off iTunes?

  • Bjo

    If you want real change this is where it starts: in the arts and culture. Adam is changing the subject and the focus from the negative to the power of positivity and genuine joy…I am feelin it!

  • Chris


    LOL he saved the bare feet for GlamNation tour!!

    If you can get a ticket GO!!!!!!!

    Adam is such a joyful soul- Bring it Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Devy

    Great fun, a feast of delightful sound and images. It’s Glamland, Wonderland, or Fantasyland, whatever! Adam brings the message of love and harmony to everyone, hopefully ppl’ll get it!

  • JulieB

    Charlotte, every word you wrote is the God’s honest truth, as they say. I can tell you have a really deep appreciation for one of the most talented performers of our lifetime.

  • Rita

    I love this vid! I used to think there was no such thing as a perfect man …. I was wrong!!

  • ianaleah

    Fun. good music, nice people and sexy Adam most of all. When i look at Adam, I feel love – Adam is good for my spirituality.

  • LucisheQ


  • colleen


  • colleen


  • adamlambertlover

    i love him! hes awesome.. i want to meet him so bad.or at least go to one of his concerts(: hes clearly the best singer ever his voice has such a huge range!