Listen To Drake’s ‘Thank Me Later’ Bonus Track “9AM In Dallas”

Jun 14th, 2010 // 2 Comments

If you buy Drake’s debut album Thank Me Later tomorrow on iTunes, you’ll be treated with the bonus track “9 AM in Dallas.” Downside to purchasing the album online—you won’t be able to show off the possible-3D album cover in your CD collection. Decisions, decisions! Listen to the all-rap track below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Drake - 9 AM In Dallas" dl="0"]

It’s Drake rapping nonstop on the piano-led track about (what else?) Drizzy’s fame and how he spends his copious amounts of cash, throwing out expletives like it was the MTV Movie Awards.

“This truly is some shit I don’t expect ya’ll to get,” he raps on the song, forgoing any of that sing-songy rapping he attempted on previous tunes. True, but we have a feeling a lot of people are going to try anyway—the BET nominee‘s album is expected to top the charts when it drops tomorrow, and if Rap-Up‘s round-up of mostly positive reviews is to be believed, it looks like Drake’s success will be deserved.

One person who probably won’t be picking up his album, though, is Lil Kim, who can’t seem to say anything nice about anyone nowadays. And Rihanna might not be thanking Drake anytime, either, upon hearing how “terrible” she made him feel after they dated for a nanosecond last year.

Are you picking up Thank Me Later tomorrow?


  1. Chris

    Yeah im definetly getting this tommorow.

  2. Brooklyn

    Not true just downloaded thank me later, u have to buy 9am

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