Travie McCoy Suits Up For ‘The Tonight Show’

Travie McCoy and his “Billionaire” confidante Bruno Mars performed their hit song on The Tonight Show last night, and we can’t believe we never noticed it before, but Travie has got to be a foot or more taller than his featured singer! That’s one tall drink of water right there. Regardless, their bouncy summer song is just as catchy live as it is on the radio, so check out a dapper-looking Bruno and Trav rockin’ Jay Leno’s stage after the jump.

Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars – “Billionaire” (Live)

  • brunomarsfans

    Bruno is NOT that short, camera tricks my friend, camera tricks LOL XD

  • Traviefan

    lol Travie’s 6’5″, so he’s definitely taller than most.

    • Becky Bain

      When I interviewed him awhile ago, it definitely was like watching a movie from the front row the way i had to crane my neck to see him! (I’m a short girl, so you can imagine.) Worth it though! Sweet, sweet guy.