Jeremih And Ludacris Push Some Buttons In Their Sexy Track “iLike”

Ludacris slunk out of his sex room long enough to record an erotic jam with Jeremih, otherwise known as the dude who always asks for the same thing on his birthday. Their musical offering, the mellow track “iLike,” comes complete with champagne cork beats and some naughty lyrics. Listen below.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Jeremih feat. Ludacris – iLike” dl=”0″]

“Won’t you let your hair down, let me take a picture,” Jeremih croons, obviously unaware of the modern day dangers of sexting. “Tell me where your booty at, this is my description, girl…. we go from six to nine on the clock.” Okay, subtlety is not Jer’s strong suit, but making couples drop their pants and get it on while listening to his sexy melodies is, so we’ll give him a pass.

The energy rises when Luda comes in, adding that in addition to all the sexy things he wants you, he wants you to “Let me stimulate your mind.” Now that’s a well-trained lover.

One question though: how much did iLike fork over to get this incredible amount of product placement in the title of the song?

[The Fader]

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