Leona Lewis And Matthew Morrison Duet On A Gleeful “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

Jun 17th, 2010 // 2 Comments

While the Glee crew is currently in London promoting their series, Matthew Morrison stopped on by Leona Lewis’ concert at the O2 Arena to duet with the X Factor songstress on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” (the same arrangement he sang as Mr. Schue on the season finale). This collaboration only fuels the rumors that Leona will be guest-starring on Season 2, but that still has yet to be confirmed. Continue teasing yourself with the possibility of more Leona/Matthew duets to come by watching their sweet performance below.

Matthew Morrison and Leona Lewis – “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” (Live)

Apparently there were no hard feelings for Morrison upstaging Leona at a swanky London nightspot the night before, right?

Also, you have to just love subjectively-written lines like this one from British goss rag The Daily Mail: “The Glee actor, who plays the upbeat club coach Will Schuester on the hit show, stole Leona’s limelight at the club when he strolled in looking debonair in a trilby hat and scarf… Her attempt at glamour couldn’t compete with 31-year-old Morrison’s ultra-cool style and massive fan base.”

So, what I’m picturing is this scenario: everybody was oohing and aahing over Leona until Matthew strolled in, winked at the paparazzi, gave Leona the middle finger, then beckoned all the clubgoers and photographers to follow him, leaving poor Ms. Lewis, whose once-chic outfit now looked like a trash bag compared to Matthew’s ultra-hip aura emanating off his designer hat, lonely with only a tumbleweed and the echo of crickets chirping to keep her company. Ah, journalism.


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