Snoop Dogg Stakes His Claim To ‘True Blood’ With “Oh Sookie”

Snoop Dogg does love his cultural touchstones, doesn’t he? First he wields a lightsaber for Adidas, and now he’s offering marijuana cookies to a telepath in his hilarious new True Blood tribute, “Oh Sookie”. Snoop is clearly a die-hard fan of the HBO show — he worked the words “true blood” into Malice In Wonderland single “Gangsta Luv”, and told MTV straight up that he’d like to appear on the show. Here’s the next best thing. Watch the Doggfather pay homage to his blood-sucking crush, Sookie Stackhouse. We promise, it doesn’t suck.

Snoop kicks it off with a seductive come-on, telling Sookie he’s just in Bon Temps for a day. But soon he’s dissing her fellow True Blood characters and presenting himself as her best suitor (“Snoop is a G. I smoke true bud”) and inviting her to hang with him in L.A. (where he presumably still rules over Candyfornia?)

His best line: “Oh Sookie, we can lay in the bed/Oh Sookie, choose a player like me/Do it in the daytime with the D-O-double-G.”

How about it, HBO? Has Snoop earned his cameo, or what?