Selena Gomez Goes “Round And Round” On New Single

A new track from Selena Gomez (and The Scene!) surfaced this week,”Round and Round,” which will be the first single off her sophomore album. If anything, this infectious tune proves that Miley Cyrus isn’t the only teenage pop star who has her ear pressed to the dancefloor. Listen to Selena’s latest musical offering below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Selena Gomez - Round and Round" dl="0"]

The song, produced by Kevin Rudolf (who has worked with Cobra Starship and Lil Wayne), is a catchy dance-lite track that sounds reminiscent of Kylie Minogue—that’s probably the highest compliment we can pay to Selena. This might actually be the song to get the non-Disney-centric demographic interested in Selena’s tunes. (Particularly gyms. Can’t you totally hear this song playing on a Bally’s or 24 Hour Fitness commercial while smiling women in sexy workout clothes exercise without breaking a sweat?)

Her sophomore album will be released this September, but you won’t have to wait that long for her music video! It premieres this Sunday on The Disney Channel—check out some previews (featuring Selena rocking a chic trenchcoat) below:

“Round And Round” teaser 1

“Round And Round” teaser 2

  • Sam

    This is stupidest song I’ve ever heard. She sucks!!!!!!! How can she possibly be famous!!!! She has a squeaky little voice!

  • Michael

    At least she has her looks!

  • michelle

    i think shes aloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot better than miley!! this seems like a good song

  • tyesha

    she is awesome i love this song

    • designer5564

      I love the song because its one of the best she has! I love you selena!!!!!!

  • Shelby

    you dont know crap you are obviously tone death because you are judgeing her music like that ill judge your face like that

  • Shelby

    oh and by the way that was a reply to sam

  • Mike

    The word is deaf not death.
    Deaf = hearing impairment
    Death = dead

  • mike

    your judging a song on two lyrics wow

  • Darren Caboche

    i love her, she has a alwsome voice and personality!!!!! good lucky to her and her carrer.
    she is difeerent than to other people.

  • ttt

    she definitely IS!

  • Josh

    The only way some people would say nice things about her would be if she was blonde, pale white, say stupid things and get off a car with no panties on…

    Nazis… This is no “land of the free”… much more “land of the biggotry”

  • Amna

    i totally agree with you michelle.shes like the best.At least shes better than ssssssstttttttttttttuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddddddd miley.eewww i said her name

  • Zoe

    Even though we only have Miley Cyrus to compare her to, she is actually very good. Yeah, she has a squeaky voice but it’s more of a Fran Drescher kind of thing in that it works for her. Listen to Falling Down also because it’s a little more mature than Disney songs. She’s quite good.

  • josh

    Ok… But why is it necessary to trash Miley just cuz you like Selena? Seems that all those who have to hurt on Miley must be pretty insecure in their Selena love… Just think about it. Miley has NOTHING to do with this storey…

  • Chingz

    you’re right “josh”…just praise one singer & don’t talk trashy about the other cause you get defensive if others talk trashy about selena, how about the miley fans??they’ll get defensive too…

    my opinion, i love all of Selena’s songs too…

    opinions are opinions, no need to destroys someone else’s opinions just because you don’t like them…use your head “SAM”. so what if she has a “squeaky” voice, can you sing??and if you can sing, lets see you get as famous as Selena is…aber!

  • andrew

    you suck she knows how to sing

  • alex

    she is fabulus i love her because she is cute and she has better voice than justin and miley

  • hayley

    FINALLY!!!!!! SOMEONE GETS IT! Thank you so much for not being another artificial dumb ass. Good to know i’m not the only one who sees it.

  • hayley

    oops. wrong bottom. :/ . that’s in response to josh guys.

  • hayley

    the nazi bigotry thing, not the Miley hater thing.

  • gabriel

    selena gomez I’m your number one fan I thank amo.muito

  • laura_selena_fan

    i love you selena gomez i dont care what people say about your singing your amazing person i wanna meet you and your gorgeous!!! an every way am your 1# fan duh selena gomez your talent person and i love you every breath you take i will be there 4 you support you and cheer you up !!!!

  • twinklesadia

    ur the best selena also better then miley

  • pipi

    you are rong bitch

  • MEli


  • Selena Gomaz

    hey everyone it is selena gomaz here. i just wanted to say thanks sooooo very much for all of your support. and i hope you all like my new song round and round ;-)


  • K.K.(:

    Actually I Disagree With Everything Yhew Said. Miley Is The Poser And The Hoe, I Mean Have Yhew Seen Her Music Video “I Can’t Be Tamed” She Acts Wayy Older Than She Is And She Needs To Stay A Child Like She Is. Miley Shouldnt Be On Disney Cuz She Is A Bad Role Model For Kids. Selena Is A Really Pretty And Sweet Girl And I Look Up To Her(:

  • K.K.(:

    Wow, You Are So Stupid. 1. You Spelled Her Name Wrong It Is Selena GomEz With A “E” Not An “A”. Why Dont You Stop Posing And Be Yourself.

  • http://idolator finny

    she is a good singer and a better singer than miley/hannah. I know all her songs. THERE NOT JUST AWSOME BUT THERE AMAZING. SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carlos

    are u effin kiddin me shes not a poser but u are and miley is the ho….wearing no panties and showing her v***** ..seriously

  • Selena Gomaz

    hey everyone it is selena gomaz here. i just wanted to say thanks sooooo very much for all of ur support and i hope u like my new song round and round

    selena ;-)

  • kl

    she obviously cant sing shes just good looking

  • L.O.L. -smilie face- “have a nicer day”

    or maybe u just suck, sam. :P

  • Ariel

    i think she is grate and i love this song because it fits what i am going thew right now. but i dont get the music video. y dose that guy fall at the end and how did he get on the other side of that raling in the first place? can any one help me figure that one out?

  • Ariel

    and i think people start to hate people like Miley and Selena because every one thinks they are grate all at once. guys don’t like her because 1 they started with disney so it makes them look like little kids and 2 a bunch of 8th graders liked them first so it makes them look lame. for girls as we grew up with them we cared it over to the High school and on it to the world. but some girls refuse to like any thing that every one likes because they want to be difrent. but i love all of the disney stars even the oldest ones. but thats just me. Disney seems to find talnted people all the time and with the name Disney behind you you never seem to not get famous.

  • Amber

    I know this isn’t going to make a difference, but that isn’t nice to say. If you don’t like a person, keep it to yourself. You don’t want to regret something that you say that can hurt sombody or some people really bad.

  • Hater/Part-time-troll

    4the411, all of the disney stars suck, go check out a real band instead of listening to this communist ^&*$.

  • http://White Goddess

    I think Selena is an awesome singer. For all of the people who critisize other stars, you guys are just jealous because you’re not famous

  • Danielle Montgomery

    i love ur music i hate those ppl that talk about u though i should really kick them in the face and ur pretty! i heard without makeup ur still pretty u have the best face girl thats why u r the prettiest girl in the world and u know im pretty young im really ten and i love ur songs!!!!! and u really should thank ur band for even playing for u there cool too! keep it up!!!!!!!!!!



  • Danielle Montgomery

    and ur welcome for the sopport too girl still love ya!!!!!!!

  • olivia

    first of all that is not how you spell gomez werid do

  • olivia

    that was a reply to selena gomaz

  • kiki

    what are u talking about she is so sweet and a great singer!

  • maryyam

    this song is GREAT.selena just ROX!!! i luv u selena!!!

  • http://facebook Gina

    how could you say that she is my favorite singer

  • http://facebook Gina

    that reply was for Sam

  • jenny

    i love this song very much and i think that selena is amazing and grateful i would be so happy if i see you in real i want you to keep like this with famous (k)(k)

  • hiba

    hi selena i want to say for you to continue like this and to not stop because you are so nice and beautiful and so people they are jelous from you, so dont let for them to be better than you, i wish for you a happy new year in 2011 and also i wish for you to continue like this and to still famous like you are now for all your life

  • akanksha

    hi……….Selena i am a big fan of you and i like this song very much …………………………

  • http://Google Madhu

    Hmmmm …. Selena your songs was superb….but not soo superb….. You became a famous because of justine bieber…justine is play a key role in your life…..thats it selli