Game, Robin Thicke And Snoop Dogg Honor Lakers Win With New Song “Hustlin'”

It’s about time. After umpteen World Cup anthems, someone finally comes up with a proper jam for the 2010 NBA Finals — after the fact. That’s thanks to Game, who evidently came up with this homage to the Los Angeles Lakers (his home team) while still toiling on his delayed R.E.D. album. Believe it or not, it’s a bona fide banger: “Hustlin'”, with Robin Thicke and Snoop delivering guest vocals, finds Game rapping over an eerie beat, drawing a comparison between between hustling on the court and in the streets. Listen below.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Game – Hustlin'” dl=”0″] The new track comes two weeks after Game released his planned R.E.D. song “Pushin’ It”, which also features Thicke on a strong hook.

Game is also using “Hustlin'” as an occasion to shout out the incarcerated Lil Wayne, who recorded a song for Laker Kobe Bryant last year. Game tweeted “Last yr, my nigga Weezy did a song 4 Kobe, but he locked up n LA is MY CITY so its only right dat I do it this year ! I got this @liltunechi”.

What do you think? Does Game have a slam dunk here? Or does this song need a little help from Game’s other NBA-obssessed, falsetto-singing collaborator, Justin Timberlake?