Single Cover Diva-Off, Part Deux: Kelly Rowland Vs. M.I.A.

We’ve got another exciting round of Single Cover Art-Off, with two musical acts pitted against one another for the second time. Kelly won the last round of our single cover art competition against M.I.A.—but will she be able to triumph again? Jump below to judge for yourself which pop-dance diva released the better cover art for their singles this week.

Kelly Rowland – “Rose Colored Glasses”

Kelly-Rowland3“Rose Colored Glasses” will be Kelly’s next single for Top 40 radio, while “Grown Woman” will be marketed towards hip-hop and R&B stations. (Check out the cover art for that single over here.) We like the black-and-white simplicity of this cover, although when you’re song is called “Rose Colored Glasses” and you have neither color nor glasses on your single cover, well, that seems fairly odd.

M.I.A. – “Steppin Up”

For M.I.A.’s third single from /\/\ /\ Y /\, we’ve got more of the same poor Photoshop skills present on her album cover and other single cover art. At least she’s got a theme going?

So who painted the prettier picture for their songs, Kelly or Maya? Leave your vote in the comments!

  • Ty

    I like Kelly Rowland more but, still M.I.A’s cover looks weird. I get it’s probably supposed to signify something and be heavy in symbolism but still…Kelly’s is way better.

  • JJ

    Hmmmm, I wonder which one Johnny-America will like better.

    Personally, MIA for the win. Something more creative than a Toni Braxton knockoff cover, from a DC3 knock-off lead singer.

    Find Kelly on sale at your local walmart bin.

  • loso

    I choose Kelly Rowland she looks beautiful.

  • Princess

    I love Kelly Rowland’s better. Plus the song is great!

  • t


  • Kareem

    The diva deluxe Kelendria of course

  • Jonathan

    I’m from Brazil and I love kelly am very same fan my vote goes to Kelly

  • Jesse

    definitely Kelly, She is So beautiful

  • aggle


    m.i.a’s mspaint glitch is lame

  • limba

    kelllllllllllllly all the way!

  • Lex

    I guess it has never strucked you guys that M.I.A.:s cover is intentionally made poor photoshop-ish? :P