The-Dream Does His Best Prince Impression On New Track “Yamaha”

Is The-Dream’s new single “Yamaha” a Prince homage, or a complete Prince rip-off? We can’t tell, but there’s one thing we’re sure of: this song really sounds like Prince. And not new crazy Prince, either, but the early-80s sex machine’s synth-pop tunes. Listen below and judge for yourself.

The-Dream – “Yamaha”

“Don’t make me watch if I can’t ride it,” sings Dream, and continues the hot girl-as-automobile metaphor for the rest of the song. “If you let me in that body / I’ma turn that mother fucker out.” Threat or promise?

The sexy track, from The-Dream’s upcoming Love King album, sounds like he intentionally tried to produce his own Prince record, as everything from the synth-heavy production to the intense drum beats and even the subject matter reminds us of most of The Purple One’s song catalog, most notably “Little Red Corvette” and “I Would Die 4 U”.

There’s no question that The-Dream was inspired by the R&B superstar on this track—but is it too much? Or is any song that sounds like Prince given a thumbs up even if it wasn’t actually recorded by Prince himself? Throw your thoughts in the comments.

[Prophet Blog]

  • abbelladi

    I am a huge PRINCE .. fam. not fan, this music and melody is a total rip off.. but with the most incrediably TRITE lyrics .. PRINCE would NEVER write such Bad LYRICS .. BUT the music and melody is all PRINCE write down to the style of singing and layered vocals.. and this RIP OFF faker ever throws in PRINCE’S signature . . “owwwah ” at 3:06 seconds . I HATE THIS this sounds like PRINCE’S possessed .. with the “””FEEL”””” OF…… All The Critics Love You In New York. possesed was a b track really only performed durring the Purple Rain .. Tripple Threat Tour. and all the critics love you in new york was on the 1999 album .. listen to theese to PRINCE SONGS ..tell me Im wrong .. but I know you wont .

  • Neo

    I am a huge Prince fam as well and that’s probably why I love this song so much!!

    Prince is still the real Love King, but this comes close! Great effort!

  • BJ

    Sounds more like Ready for the World than Prince to me. But I do miss the drum machine.

  • sun_god7

    Good effort. He basically did what a Prince fan wish they could do.

    Appreciate it for what it is – compared to what’s out now.

    Support The-Dream!

  • gojira

    I hope Prince is getting a check for this