The Morning Mix: Courtney Love Says Crazy Things, Sky Remains Blue

Jun 23rd, 2010 // 1 Comment
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:: Courtney Love claims “I didn’t ask to be hated, I just don’t mind being a bitch.” Well, Courtney comes off as both a bitch and yet still lovable in her Behind the Music interview. (Warning: incredibly NSFW unless you want to wash your ears out with soap.) [PopEater]

:: First Lady Gaga shows off her middle finger, now Taylor Momsen is flipping the bird—it’s official! Giving the middle finger while dressed like a two-dollar hooker is the hot new trend of 2010! [Celebuzz]

:: Fox’s plans for a Glee reality show following the search for the next guest star for the show have been nixed so Ryan Murphy can focus all his attention on Season 2. Don’t worry—if you submitted an audition, there’s still a chance you might wind up on the show with the ever-expanding cast. [Vulture]

:: Daniel Radcliffe thought Justin Bieber was a woman when he first heard him sing on the radio. That’s okay, he knows from experience, since everyone thought he was the mean British lady from The Weakest Link for years. [Just Jared]

:: The-Dream deleted his Twitter account, following a tirade against fans angry at some comments he made against Ciara. But how will he mouth off to the Grammy community now? [The Booombox]

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  1. Joe Smith

    Courtney Love came in for a studio session at radio 104.5 in Philly! Check out this crazy info about Jaret Leto (30 Seconds To Mars) apparently hitting on her during his casting as Kurt Cobain!! Also, check out what she has to say about VH1’s Behind The Music show!! You can also see her performance with Hole all right here!!

    VH1 Behind The Music

    Jared Leto Gossip

    Cover of Nine Inch Nail’s “Closer”

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