How Much Of Nicki Minaj Can Sean Garrett Handle In “Get It All”?

Well, since their previous offensive “Massive Attack” was defeated at Chart Fail Hill, Sean Garrett and Nicki Minaj are now back to their piano-twinkling tune “Get It All.” And surely you remember “Get It All”? It’s the one where Ms. Minaj threatens the backhand smack if “the bitch call your phone”! Five months after the song first surfaced, the video has arrived—and you can watch it after the jump!

Gil Green directed the video for writer/producer Sean Garrett’s first single from his upcoming second album, and sadly Nicki and Sean don’t share any screen time together. (We much prefer her over the babes Garrett is strutting around with in the clip’s school setting.)

But given that we first heard this song back in January and that Nicki is rocking the black wig she had on in FADER‘s March issue, you have to wonder if this video wasn’t shot a while back and perhaps just put on hold till “Massive Attack” played out?

After all, the Harajuku Barb’s hair is so much more colorful these days.