New Lady Gaga Track “Changing Skies” Pops Up

Prick up your ears, little monsters—is “Changing Skies” the shape of Lady Gaga to come? Only days after the gun bra diva announced that her third album is already finished, a new (or at least unreleased) track from her has surfaced. Warning: the song sounds like it’s in very rough demo form. Have a listen after the jump.

[wpaudio url="" text="Lady Gaga - Changing Skies" dl="0"]

Vulture speculates whether or not that’s T.I. quietly rapping on marching-beat jam “Changing Skies.” That would make sense, as the Atlanta MC spoke with MTV last month about collaborating with Gaga.

Either way, if the song does end up on the the third album from the “Alejandro” singer, we likely won’t know about it for awhile. She’s not set to release the LP until sometime next year.

So what do you think about “Changing Skies”? Given the gloomy nature of her “Alejandro” video, it’s nice to hear she hasn’t been penning a bunch of dirges, at least.

  • TJ

    Album to be released during Fashion Week in February 2011

  • Bob

    I have been telling people all along that we are in the beginning years of the Age of Gagaism, a complete, Beatles-like transformational period in the music world. This track illustrates her versatility, her musical genius. Gaga will always surprise,and we should welcome her at the beginning of a great career.

  • Alexander Guerra

    I think it sounds like she regressed to her “Eh, Eh” days. I don’t hate it though. I do feel like I need “Glam GaGa” back! I’m ok with “Dark GaGa” going away for a while.

  • Chloe

    In her ShowStudio interview, Lady GaGa states that their are no collaborations on her new album which, as confirmed by Rolling Stone magazine, will be released on New Year’s. This is obviously a throwback from years ago.

  • Robbbie

    That’s not T.I. it’s a watermark by whoever leaked it.

  • Bill

    Definitely not T I, its just a watermark.

  • Daisy23


  • Jake

    lol all these news outlets claiming it’s T.I. are so funny. It’s not. This song is either a new song or an old unreleased (which is more likely) song that was illegally distributed to a group of people that I am familiar with. They paid $700 to purchase it from Burim who sells all these songs.

  • gagafreak-ingrid

    ahhhhhh i freaking loveeeeee thiss song!!! i felll in loveee :)) well i do that with all of Stefani’s songs :D

  • jesus

    mm Gaga es la mjor jajaa by3

  • jesus

    jejejee gagaa es la mejor by3 la mejord e la musik pop kqe saka ¿?¿? jajaja sayonara!-!+