Game And Robin Thicke Ride Their “Phantom” All The Way To The Bank

After Game and Robin Thicke honored their beloved Lakers with a ditty (as well as pushin’ out a few more tracks together), the duo paired up for the smooth new tune “Phantom” off Game’s will-it-or-won’t-it-be-released album R.E.D. The track, produced by Dr. Dre, is pretty much just an ode to the Rolls-Royce Phantom and all the impressive things you can do inside the luxury automobile. Is this a real song or a commercial jingle? Does Game really love this car, or does he just love the money most likely paid to him so he would endorse the car? Either way, for a song about a mode of transportation, it happens to be pretty good. Listen below.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Game feat. Robin Thicke – Phantom” dl=”0″] In the track, Game elaborates on all the wonderful things he loves to do in his car: “I’m trying to go hard in the Phantom / Hit Sunset Boulevard in the Phantom / I’m talkng six, seven broads in the Phantom / Coming out they bras in the phantom / I got a bottle of Crystal in the Phantom / Waving my black card in the Phantom.” We’re only assuming Game has a designated driver, as we hope he does not advocate drinking a bottle of Crystal while driving. Let’s act like total rockstars responsibly, Game!

The rapper also namedrops Kobe Bryant and Rick Ross over eerie synth beats and hand claps, while Thicke oozes his gorgeous falsetto on the hook.

Maybe we missed the metaphor and the song is really about the Phantom inside all of us? No, we think we were right the first time, this song is just a giant example of product placement. (And it’s a little late, too—Pharrell already pimped the Phantom in his new vid with Nelly Fertado, “Hot N’ Fun”, driving around in a psychedelic ride.)

Hey, at least it’s got a good beat! And if Diddy can release songs about his brand of Vodka, then Game should be allowed to record all the songs about luxury cars he wants!