The-Dream Is Still Unlucky In Love In ‘Love King’ Track “Nikki Pt. 2”

The-Dream released a track called “Nikki” from his 2007 album Love Hate about his girl doing him wrong, but being able to move on once finding love with a woman with named Nikki. Apparently, things didn’t work out too well with Nikki, either, because for his upcoming Love King, Dream recorded a part two about all the ways in which the new girl turned out to be just as disrespectful in their relationship as his ex. Listen to the story-song below.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”The-Dream – Nikki Pt. 2″ dl=”0″] “Nikki, I miss you,” yearns Dream, explaining that it’s been two years since they’ve seen one another. “I got your text that read congratulations / Heard you moved to Dallas, hope you’re doing fine / Hope this LP didn’t catch ya at the wrong time.”

This Nikki lady wasn’t the best girlfriend, either, and was caught talking behind The-Dream’s back. “You keep showing up, showing up, showing up where I’m at / You keep callin’ me, keep callin’ me, keep callin’ me, come back / You fucking, fucking, fucking with my house, me and my new girl was cool, but now I’m having doubts,” Dream complains. “And it’s all because of Nikki.”

Man, what did Nikki do to his house? Set it on fire? Decorate it in tacky animal prints? In any case, the man is obviously having some trouble finding a lady worthy of his love. Maybe he should try eHarmony?

The-Dream’s Love King album drops next week.