Drake Gives Bluesy Performance Of “Find Your Love” On The ‘Tonight Show’

Jun 24th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Drake celebrated the #1 debut of Thank Me Later by performing on the Tonight Show last night. The 23-year-old’s latest single, the moody, mid-tempo “Find Your Love,” climbed up to #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, and Drizz and his band offered up a version for the Jay Leno crowd that had a bit of a bluesy twang to it. Dig it after the jump.

With all the pressure of how Thank Me Later would debut off him now, Drake really seemed to be having a good time while singing the tune. Check out his emotional squawk at about 1:59 in, followed shortly by a big grin and him sticking his tongue out.

The Toronto singer/rapper will have some stiff competition staring him down on next week’s chart, however, as Eminem’s Recovery looks set to bulldoze every other album in its path.

Billboard reports that Slim’s latest could sell upwards of 600,000 copies by week’s end.


  1. This guy is horrible. I don’t care if he has a number one hit song, this performance was horrible. I’ve never seen anyone sing so out of tune on a show like the Tonight Show. It’s obvious this guy can’t sing at all. Take away the autotune magic of the studio, and you get to see how awful he really is. I can’t believe they let him sing live on the show. What a joke. When are going to get back to real music? You know, with musicians??? Not just some idiot who has good look and good marketing? Guys like this that make millions off #1 hits and actually can’t sing to save their lives, make me sick!

  2. david

    okay well lets see what you got whiney bitch

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