Eminem Gives Advice To Kids On The ‘Late Show’

Jun 24th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Eminem and Jay-Z will hit Late Show with David Letterman tomorrow night, rocking the rooftop of the Ed Sullivan Theatre. But that’s not all—Em delivers the show’s Top 10 list, giving his top pieces of advice for children. Yes, the expletive-tossing rapper is giving advice to kiddies, but there are some pearls of wisdom in his list that all of us can learn from. Check out a preview clip below, worth watching for the Late Show band’s interpretation of “The Real Slim Shady” alone.

After watching Em’s low-key performances above and on The Soup, can anyone explain to us where Em’s joie-de-vivre went the last few years? Almost all the videos he released near the beginning of his career had the rapper doing impressions, dressing up, and generally appearing like he was having a grand old time. Basically, the man showed off more facial expressions than just “angry”, “solemn” and “dazed”, which is all we see from him nowadays.

Was it going through rehab that left a toll on his sense of humor? Or is he just getting older and becoming less concerned with trying to entertain people by donning a character? Or are we way, way off? Whatever it is, just watch Em’s “Without Me” video from 2002 in which he pulls off wacky amazingly well, and then rewatch the above clip, where the man’s comedic delivery is in desperate need of a tune-up.

  1. ianaleah

    Eminem is an authentic genuine honest individual -one of two very different artists with those same rare wonderful character traits. i admire him and I love his talent.

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