Soulja Boy Deprives Twitter Of His Profound Wisdom, Deletes Account

Folks, we’re not entirely sure at this point what’s more depressing—Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s music itself (see: the atrocity that is the video for “Pretty Boy Swag”) or the fact that the setting-the-bar-even-lower rapper was apparently earning $10,000 a tweet on Twitter. We say “was” since MTV UK now reports that the 19-year-old has deleted his Twitter account because he “was upset by trending topics such as #ifsouljaboysarapper.” The site also alleges that he and Kim Kardashian were said to be paid up to ten grand for each message posted to the social networking site.

Chances are with that kind of cash, Soulja Boy won’t be able to resist posting bite-sized wisdoms for too long. But one would assume that until then he’ll now have more time to devote to writing music. And that makes us sad—unless there’s the off chance that whoever this mysterious Twittefactor was paying all this dough has decided to now use the money to fund BP oil spill clean-up efforts? Naw, not likely.

Oh, well—at least currently Tell ‘Em is able to avoid tweet gems like this latest one from Sir_Scribbles: “Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz having a baby is so unfair. D kid’s 1st words will prolly hav better lyrics & beatz than a whole Soulja Boy album.”