Andre 3000 Covers The Beatles With “All Together Now”

Jun 28th, 2010 // 2 Comments

If you’re going to cover a Beatles song, you better be gifted enough to a) make it your own, and b) not twist-and-warp it beyond recognition. Thankfully, Andre 3000 knows how to do it right, reemerging to the music scene to release a jazzy, country jam version of The Beatles track “All Together Now”. The song first appeared as the soundtrack to a Nike/NBA commercial, but you can hear the full-length track below.

Andre 3000 – “All Together Now”

01 All Together Now by a1589758

The only way this track could get better is if we could see Andre performing it live with a raucous, joyful backing band. A song like this is all about having fun with it, and a live recording might have suited it even better. What do you think? Happy to hear the OutKast man’s tunes again? Or can nobody do it better than The Beatles?


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