M.I.A. Takes A Shot Of “Teqkilla” On Her Insane New Track

Bros “icing” other bros might be the hot new trend in pop-culture, but M.I.A. is sticking to her own liquor cabinet for the good stuff. Yet another MAYA track surfaced today, the electro-tinged, bizarre drinking song “Teqkilla” (misspelling entirely intentional, we’re sure). Just in case you can’t make out what Maya’s saying over all the cacophony on the track, she’s provided the lyrics on the single sleeve! What a peach! Listen below.

M.I.A. – “Teqkilla”

Teqkilla by dondriaevent

This eccentric tune is chock full of disharmonious scratches and beats, over which Maya name-checks not only herself (again), but every type of major liquor and liqueur you’d find at your neighborhood sports bar. It doesn’t go much deeper than that, and the track, which clocks in at over six minutes, outstays its welcome around minute four.

The most interesting bit about all these MAYA tracks surfacing the last few weeks is that they don’t appear to be leaks—each one comes with its own single cover art (though none, unfortunately, has managed to win one of our Single Cover Diva-Offs), a strong indication that M.I.A. wants all these songs to be heard right now, as opposed to when her full album drops (July 13).

Typically, an artist releases one to two tracks as singles before their album is released… not four. (Unless each of those tracks is a stiff.) Is this Maya’s way of experimenting with different types of promotion? Does she plan to release the remaining six tracks off MAYA for the public’s consumption in the next two weeks before release? And, most importantly, is she finally going to hire someone who actually knows Photoshop to design at least one of her single covers?

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