Chiddy Bang’s Chidera Takes Us Home To Meet The Family In “Sooner Or Later”

Last time we laid eyes on Chiddy Bang, the innovative Philadelphia hip hop duo was leading us on a trippy tour of their hometown, projecting ghostly images of themselves and their logo on walls, road signs and people. But for their newest clip — “Sooner Or Later” —  they dropped the psychedelic stuff in favor of a hard-hitting documentary style. Watch Chiddy visit his parents’ former village in troubled Nigeria, and see if it doesn’t hit home.

The latest track from Chiddy Bang’s upcoming Opposite Of Adults EP, “Sooner Or Later” opens with a sample of legendary Nigerian artist Fela Kuti (also the subject of the Jay-Z-produced Broadway show) speaking his mind. That sets the stage for the clip — full of shaky, grainy footage shot by Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege on a trip to his family’s former village of Umuaro.

Along the way — while a virtuosic, almost Santana-style guitar lick loops in the background — we travel bumpy country roads and peer through barbed wire at the impoverished country his parents left behind. Chiddy raps describe the guilt he feels over being fortunate enough to spend days in the recording studio, while his cousin — who we meet in the clip — remains in the village, dreaming of someday moving his family to a better place.

“Do you know your son’s a rapper?” The whole world knows now.

(via Pretty Much Amazing)