Kylie Minogue Covers ‘Attitude,’ Pulls “Heartstrings” On ‘Aphrodite’ Bonus Track

What’s with these decent Kylie Minogue songs being relegated to bonus track status? Yesterday we posted the Xenomania-produced “Mighty Rivers,” which will be available on the iTunes-only “Deluxe Experience” Edition of Aphrodite (out next week). And today we’ve got “Heartstrings,” which PopJustice notes “certainly deserves better than to be binned off as the bonus track on the Japanese edition of Aphrodite, which is the only place you’ll be able to buy it.” Head below to see Kylie’s full cover for the July issue of Attitude, and to hear “Heartstrings.”

[wpaudio url="" text="Kylie Minogue - Heartstrings" dl="0"]

Japanes bonus track? This actually sounds like near-single material to us. Perfect carefree summer pop that, like “Mighty Rivers,” was produced by UK production team Xenomania.

Oh, well—get ready to shell out 40 bucks for this one, hardcore Kylie fans.

  • The Synging Budgie

    Gasp! Obviously they canned this one because there are moments–BRIEF, moments, chyldren, nothing more than a flash here or there of course–where The Lesser Minogue actually seems to be **** SHOCKGASPTREMBLEAWE**** singing in an adult woman’s voice.