David Archuleta Grows Up With New Single “Something ‘Bout Love”

David Archuleta premiered “Something ‘Bout Love,” the lead single from the Season 7 American Idol runner-up’s forthcoming second studio album (not counting Christmas From The Heart), today on his official site. And gone is all the teen whimsy and “Crush”-ing David did on his eponymous debut. This time around the 19-year-old Utah crooner is showcasing a more adult sound. Listen below!

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Something-Bout-Love.mp3" text="David Archuleta - Something 'Bout Love" dl="0"]

Now, sure—David is still treading down the pop trail, and unabashedly so. But with all the swirling synth loops, the dance beat and lyrics about broken hearts and being brought to your knees by the world, we can’t help feeling that—sniff!—our little Archie is all grown up. This is the type of soaring jam we can picture UK group Take That having a field day with, so naturally it gets our stamp of approval 100%.

Archuleta is still working on his new album, which is due out sometime this fall. Earlier this week he tweeted, “In Nashville! Going to work on some of the songs we’ve written here.”

“Something ‘Bout Love” is currently scheduled to be made available on Archuleta’s site on July 13, and then iTunes a week later.

  • nl

    Wow – this surprised me – in a good way! It got stuck in my head right away so I say great job Archie and I am happy that I read that he co-wrote this!

  • TrudyFOD

    I LOVE “Something Bout Love” by David Archuleta — a great song by an amazing singer/songwriter (and now author). I am so excited about the song release and can’t wait to hear it on the radio! and then the album will be release in the fall — and then hopefully David will tour — I love to see David perform on the stage and his concerts are so much fun!

  • Moser

    I like David. But this sound like the new lead single from a Disney movie. Very bubblegum kiddie sound.

    But I guess since Bieber is big, they want David to get a piece of the action. I hope it does well for him!

  • JaeK

    Cue all the older women in love with the teenager!

  • LOL

    If you listen to what is being played now on the radios, this song definitely fits right in with and is absolutely not Disney or bubblegum.

    The song is now stuck in my head!

    • mikecosentino

      I agree its not bubble gum or disney, definitely radio friendly

  • js

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! I love this song!! And, no, I am not a teenager or a grandma!!

  • nl

    music is ageless. Is a 17 year old too young to appreciate the ancient Mick Jagger or love hearing the amazing voice of Jim Morrison? Is a 40 year old guy not allowed to like a fun, well-sung techno song? Why with the bashing of women of any age liking any song sung by any person or group. As I said, music is ageless and anyone can appreciate Archie’s always great vocals. Then its simply up to an individual’s taste whether they actually like any one song by any singer. Enough with the women bashing just because they are not 19.

  • nl

    Oh – my response above was in reply to the post by JaeK.

  • http://FOD Gmax4

    Thank you NI….Bless all people , male or female that can stay young at heart even though they are aging! I have always felt that aging is merely a number, and there are no age limits on what kind of music or artists we can enjoy!!! David is not only a musical genius, but a person who his filled with love and caring for humanity! He is a breath of fresh air in the music industry, and I for one, can finally enjoy music again because of David.

    I love this song, filled with his positive messages and joy!!! It just makes you feel happy.

  • john

    This song is just right to fit in today’s music on radio. Excellent vocals and it reminds me of Kelly Clarkson’s level of vocals; rich, powerful, unique tone. Certainly not bubble gummish. hey, who can pull off this wide range of vocals among teens?

  • trezoc

    Total earworm…Can’t get this outta my head!! My boyfirend is walkin around humming this LOL and his not particularly a fan!

  • megan

    This is a great jam! Ever since listening to Parachutes and Airplanes I’ve been really excited for the rest of David’s album. Seeing the stuff out now I don’t see how this won’t t be a moderate hit.

  • c80

    Love it!! Perfect summer dance tune. Wouldn’t be a David Archuleta song without a key change, killer bridge and vocal range that eliminates all others. I think the techno/electronica/dance vibe and groove is just throwing people for a loop, those who can’t quite grasp or believe David could pull off a song like this. It is what it is – and it’s darn good.

  • Kellie

    Love this feel-good summer song!

  • Sandy

    LOVE IT!! Summer Smashhhh!

  • prd9601

    Love it! See this getting lots of air play. Should sell very well too! Go David!!

  • caitlin

    FUN FUN song! Only David Archuleta has the vocals to pull it off!

  • Violet

    Yeah thanks from me too nl. I love David’s voice and the fine person he is. And yeah I still love great artists from every decade I’ve enjoyed. SBL will be a fun summer song and hopefully a big hit. I can see why Jive chose it as the single. BTW today David told someone that the single isn’t really representative of the album and that the other songs are more personal. It should be a really interesting album! BTW be sure to catch David July 4 on A Capitol Fourth – he’s singing the anthem and also Stand by Me. It will be broadcast on TV by PBS from the west lawn of the Capitol. The show also has other artists and celebs and fireworks. They expect 100′s of thousands to attend this free event.

  • VJ

    I absolutely ADORE this song! Tks for posting the article! I’m an older person, and I honestly honestly love this. I’m gonna have it playing wherever I go! Way to go David!

  • waffles

    o.m.g this is so awesome! David rocks this song. I don’t hear Disney or bubble-gum. I hear one fun dance-y hot summer tune with o.m.g vocals (and not a baby, baby, baby in it!!!!).

  • LMG

    suprisingly, I like this

  • China80

    Exactly what I thought. I love “Crush” and I am crazy in love with “MY HANDS”.

    “Something Bout Love” is awesome too. “Crush” was and still is a great song all around. I do believe that the difference between the two singles is that “Crush” is a much simpler song lyrically with a slower beat – which everyone was enjoyed. “Something Bout Love” is a more upbeat song with clever lyrics, more mature with a great message which is what David loves. David Archuleta the artist covered all the bases!!

  • Amy

    Everything about SBL is winner material….sweeping melody, clever lyrics, catchy
    hook(s), bridge…vocals…great video material, dance material…PURE PERFECTION…Like David. LOVE IT! Instantly grabs you and doesn’t let you go!
    Crush was a great first single for young David. This is the next step up in growth…and David…has still only just begun.
    He’s a smart, musically saavy guy…he’s only going to keep getting it right for years to come, as he explores and expresses his love of all kinds of music.
    And I’ll be going along for the ride!!
    Congrats, David…sure-fire hit! <3

  • Amy

    Like China80 said here…I loved “My Hands”…it grabbed me and was my favorite forever on the first cd…still love it.
    SBL is like My Hands on steroids…in terms of it’s infectious, sweeping melody & powerful, emotional vocals!
    I don’t know why there were not more releases from David’s first cd, seemed like there were some missed opportunities, with other good songs…but it’s all good anyway…and SBL has the new cd off to a GREAT start!

  • http://yahoo gerry

    the usual outstanding pipes of david james, this time with the club vibe! all that jive needs to put in is an outstanding cutting edge video for this grand hook!

  • **********

    Amy, You are so right!!!!!! That first album had so many good songs, I still can’t believe how they seemed to be ignored. Personally I loved To Be With You, You Can, and all the others too. These songs should have been released. These were definitely missed opportunities. This was really disappointing to me. David should be enjoying the same success Justin is having. But, it will come. We have to get him on more TV shows…………he needs to be seen.

  • kenn

    This is phenomenal…David steps into the arena again, being the David we’ve all loved plus some more…Great summer tune…The album is definitely going to be OUTSTANDING! can’t wait…

    Vote For Archie on TCA!

  • FG

    Go David! Woooo!!!! :)

  • Holly

    Gotta love Archie!! Amazing song I love it!!

  • koppnijaksen

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  • Kathy C.

    What a great song! Really smart choice for the single. David and Jive Records are using their “radio friendly “knowledge. They knocked-it-out-of-the-ballpark on this one.WOOT !!!

  • Ryan

    I’ve got an idea: Let’s take a B-side Owl City song and let this kid we’ve got on our roster for a while sing it. That’ll do it! >_< Oh, 19. How I loathe thee.