Janelle Monae Dances On Her “Tightrope” With Lupe Fiasco And B.o.B

Janelle Monae, fresh off her BET Awards performance of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”, is gifting us with a delicious remix to her hit “Tightrope”. Big Boi sits this one out, but Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B are more than happy to take his place in the bare bones black-and-white remix vid. Watch below!

Janelle Monae feat. Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B – “Tightrope (Remix)”

In the black-and-white clip, directed by Lacey Duke, B.o.B wears a sailor hat for some reason, Janelle dons her patented femme-tux, and Lupe looks like he just walked out of the gym in his designer tracksuit. Janelle, Bobby and Lupe shake-and-shimmy for the camera, and we almost wish all three started to do the “Single Ladies” dance since it looks like it could have been filmed on the same set.

All three artists are in their element (and Janelle looks as gorgeous as always), but we’re a little disappointed the best they could come up with for the remix vid was dancing around a blank soundstage, particularly since the original vid was so off-the-walls entertaining.

Check out the trio goofing off behind the scenes of the “Tightrope” remix vid here.

  • KJ

    I loved this video! They all looked like they were having a BLAST! Nothing too over the top just good plain rapping and dancing. Huge fan. Keep it going!

  • Smith

    This song is JAMMING. The video is good too – no complaints here. Those kids are wondaland are giving it. Nate Wonder beasted this remix.

  • nik

    I m really feelin the song & video! Wasn’t bored at all, the beats were thumpin enough to warrant a simpler vid. Keepin it classy and fresh yo, I W.A.S. jammin along! #monaemovement

  • Amr

    Loved it! Sweet and simple!