Prince Wears His ’20Ten’ Album Cover On His Chest

By: Becky Bain / July 1, 2010

Prince has unveiled the album artwork for his 27th (yes, that’s 2-7) studio album, 20Ten. Hmm… where have we seen this cover art before?

Oh, that’s right, on Prince at the BET Awards while accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award.

We love Prince, and this colorful and flamboyant depiction of him is as colorful and flamboyant as the man himself, but we’re throwing this album cover into the running for Worst Cover Art of 2010. Both the album artwork and the shirt look like they were designed by somebody on… and then they found their way onto In fact, why didn’t he just use this drawing as his 20Ten album cover? It only costs $50! It’s a steal!

What do you think of this cover art? Awesome or awful?