Big Boi Chauffeurs Vonnegutt Around Town In “Follow Me”

Big Boi is back with the third video from his Sir Luscious Left Foot album (due out July 6th, ya’ll), and he’s brought rockers Vonnegutt along with him. Compared to “Shutterbug” and “General Patton”. “Follow Me” proves to be his least interesting music vid from the album yet. We simply follow Big Boi around for a night as he drives the band around in his Cadillac convertible. “Follow” below to watch the vid and judge for yourself.

The half of OutKast has recently said that he’s a big fan of Gen. Larry “Pants On The Ground” Platt. Maybe Big Boi should have given him a cameo. At least then the most fascinating thing about the video would have been something other than his fur coat.

  • Brandon Hall

    Big Boi really has lost it all together Vonnegutt singing the chorus is easily the highlight of the song and the video is such a craptasitc rap video cliche. Take out Big boi and Vonnegutt should just remix this entire song without him.

  • mikecosentino

    Pretty cool song!

  • Pat

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Big boi’s flow is off the wall and his lyrics are sick, just as on top of the game as always. vonnegut’s spoken part is the only good contribution they have, while big boi kills it. what song were you listening to?

    plus the beat is just DIRTY, you think that wasn’t big boi’s doing?

  • Shane-O

    @ Brandon….Well if your from where I’m from (Savannah, GA) , you would appreciate the video you knucklehead. The video is filmed in beautiful Savannah, Ga. (where Big is from)…….his stamp on the Hip-Hop game doesn’t require him to have some kind of Cinematic video for his skills as an artist to shine. Once you fall in love with a song like that, thats all you want to do is ride and listen to it. What kind of video would you recommend for a song titled “Follow Us”, other than the cameras doing exactly that????? Hmmmmmmm……..think about it.

  • nismo510

    That’s an Impala, not a Cadillac.