Kelly Clarkson’s New Ballad “Call Me” Surfaces As She Pulls Out Of Lilith Fair

Things aren’t looking so hot for Lilith Fair. The New York Times reports that 10 dates of the female-oriented music fest have been yanked, including stops in Salt Lake City, Montreal and Dallas. “We are in the midst of one of the most challenging summer concert seasons with many tours being canceled outright,” said Lilith co-founder Terry McBride in a statement. Making matters worse, karaoke fan Kelly Clarkson has pulled out of her scheduled appearances on the tour. Oh, well—at least there are about two minutes of a new song from her that just surfaced to ease the pain, KC fans! Hear it below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Kelly Clarkson - Call Me" dl="0"]

Unlike other Clarkson numbers such as “Wash Rinse Repeat,” “Who’s That Girl” and “Naked Eye” that have cropped up in recent months, this one, “Call Me,” is more in the “Already Gone”/”Because Of You” piano ballad vein. It’s the kind of slow number that showcases the First Lady Of American Idol‘s powerful vocals—well, when you can actually hear them through all the call-outs that someone slapped on there.

“Call Me” certainly isn’t the most upbeat track, but so far it sounds like it’s more complete than the previously-mentioned rough demos that we’ve heard.

And getting back to Kelly’s lack of lady love for Lilith Fair, here’s what she wrote on her official site yesterday:

“With the news of cancelled Lilith dates and my current progress in the studio, we’ve made the decision not to tour this summer. I’m going to miss seeing y’all, but I hope that when you hear what we’ve been working on, you’ll be as excited as I am. I’ve been working with some amazing people and am stoked about this next album!”

Are you as stoked as Kelly is for her next album? What do you think of “Call Me”?

  • wild1

    I like it. Kelly’s voice gives me chills.

    Is the girls voice saying “hello” a couple times, part of the track, or part of the song?

  • wild1

    I meant to say part of the “TAG” or part of the song?

  • ninjalilly

    Love it. She is the best. I wish I could here it w/o all the “DJ” stuff.

  • Abigail

    wild1, it’s Lady Gaga and a tag.
    I like it fine. You can hear a live version on youtube if you must listen to the whole thing.

  • Brandon Hall

    I love Kelly I really do but I just have not been impressed with the bulk of her work since “Break Away” her material these days are just uninspired and this ballad adds to her growing boring and bland catalog shes seriously going to fade into oblivion if she doesn’t start making the right decisions soon….

  • Chris


    I think 2 weeks at number with AIEW, A HOT 100 SINGLE that went from 97-1, and a long standing hit with Already Gone, hardly means Kelly is going anywhere…

    she is still a strong name in pop music….and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon….

    (your post is mere opinion, not fact)

  • kcfan

    The song is not bad, it could be a hit. Yeah I can’t help listening to all this leaks but this DJ Stolen of whoever needs to be sued. Kelly and other artist out there don’t deserve it when their music is stolen from their own computer and people leak it. It’s ridiculous.

    And to Brandon are for real. Kelly’s music is far from boring, guess you don’t appreciate real artistic music. Her music keeps on getting better. Every one of the songs she has written or not written is very inspirational jerk face. STFU, you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Brandon Hall

    @ Chris: Duh, of course that is my opinion I never implied otherwise

    @ kcfan: I would ask if you were joking but Id just be wasting my time. First of all you overzealous maniacal quack as I stated before I actually do like Kelly C I just do not like the “bulk” not “all of her later material however for you to dare imply that her recent work even holds a candle to her earlier work is completely idiotic stupid and delusional.

    Sorry that I dont “appreciate” real music like “I do not hook up” & “My Life Would Suck Without you” there so clearly timeless hits and clearly superior to “Because of you” “Break away” and “Behind These Hazel Eyes”……. …… lol

  • Mario

    I think it’s going to be a huge “like” for the fans :) especially me.

  • Shaun

    It would just be nice to here the song without all this damn tagged crap in it.

    Anybody know where the full song is without the taggings?? I already heard the acoustic version of it..

  • kellyfan

    its awesome
    i cant wait for the next album if all the songs are like this i will DIE (in a good way)

  • shay

    where can i hear the song?

  • kcfan008

    its not going to be on her new album people! none of the leaks are!
    She said that she just started recording the new album a couple weeks ago… that means all these leaks r just demos and or are for different artists.

    although this song is great would love to hear more of it

  • Kezbo

    She sang this at one of the VIP Preshows she did during the All I Ever Wanted Tour. Love the song, but I’m doubtful that it’ll be on an album…

  • J

    Love it! Her voice is so beautiful.

  • jacqui

    great song it has promise i think..l hope its on the new album! every recoed Kelly makes has been awesome and she is just sooo real and continues to please her REAL fans…cant wait for the new album!! awesome and incredible songwriter and singer! :)

  • Melissa

    This song was almost certaintly going to be on the new record, but since it leaked, Kelly said it probably won’t be now.

  • lucy

    it’s an awesome song. it should be in her record!

  • Alelie Bartolome

    oh my god! i love the the song!!!

  • tacobomb

    i love this song! the lyrics are amazing! I love Kelly cuz she’s not afraid to make a mistake. She doesn’t care about being famous she just wants to make music. I love all her albums/songs, even the ones that don’t make it on the albums.