Kelly Rowland Is The “Commander” In Chief On ‘The 5 O’Clock Show’

You might be asking why we never get tired of watching Kelly Rowland perform live. After all, didn’t she just belt out her latest single “Commander” on  GMTV and The Graham Norton Show? Well, we’ll tell you why—head below and watch that hair flip she does at the 0:47 mark while performing on UK program The 5 O’Clock Show. That move combined with those sunglasses? Pure diva.

  • Brandon Hall

    Lol well the hair flipping could use alittle more power put some necktatude in there haha, per usual she nailed the performance.

  • Janet

    Have you heard UNITY by Kelly Rowland ? An amazing ballad that should be released as a single ! Check it out on iTunes and YouTube =)

  • joe

    yeah i was expecting a little more oomph, looked more like a kid playing with her My Little Pony’s tail. (yeah, i’m sayin’ that horse-hair wig aint workin for her!)

  • ramona