We Break Down Chris Brown’s Weepy Week

Jul 2nd, 2010 // 12 Comments

Have you barely been able to keep up with the incessant updates following the aftermath of Chris Brown’s BET Awards tribute to Michael Jackson? Well, we’ve got a nice and handy recap of Crygate 2010 for you heading into your holiday weekend.

Sunday: Chris Brown breaks down in the middle of his Michael Jackson tribute, barely being able to get a lyric out during “Man in the Mirror.” Weeping ensues. Kanye and Prince are probably both pissed their thunder is stolen from the show.

Monday: Most bloggers and music critics’ opinions from our round-up find Brown’s on-stage cryfest to be less-than-genuine (at least regarding his emotion for Michael Jackson). Brown tweets “My fans are my world”, so he could care less what bloggers and music critics think.

Tuesday: The vote was almost split even in our poll, but the majority of Idolator readers thought Breezy is on his way to a comeback thanks to his emotional performance at the BET Awards.

Wednesday: Jermaine Jackson says that he thought Chris’ tribute to his late brother was “emotional” and that we need to remind ourselves that “Chris is a human being, and we all make mistakes.”

Thursday: A source for Us Weekly reveals that Brown’s tears were faked by help of eye drops. Scandal!

Friday: A BET executive comes to Brown’s defense, claiming those reports that he faked his sobbing breakdown to manipulate people to like him again are “not true” and “as someone who was backstage, there was nothing fake about that.”

What a week! No doubt this saga will continue well into the rest of July, when it’s revealed that Chris doesn’t really have tear ducts, or that he was really was crying, but only when thinking about the World Cup.


  1. Joy

    I wish ppl would just give Chris Brown a break you werent there so how would you no wat was going on behind scenes ?!We all have our moments CB is only human who makes mistakes and deserves a second chance!How can he prove of yall’s loyalty if we dont forgive n forget n give him one more chance tpo redeem himself!Chris’s performance on Sunday was Terrific ..The best of the night!!!Hes a great performer/dancer/singer/artist and also gift to BET that is why he was named “the next MJ”Im proud of him…HE IS NOT AQ FREAKIN WOMAN BEATER HE HAS A HEART!!!!!WE DONT KNOW THEWHOLE STORY BETWENN CHRIS BROWN AND RIHANNA ‘S SITUATION CUZ THOSE TWO WERE ALONE..ALL WE KNOW IS WAT TABLOIDS PUT IN MAGAZINES N THE TALK PPL SAID ON TV..RESPECT THEIR PRIVACY!!!RESPECT HIM FOR PUTING HIS HEART INTO THE MJ TRIBUTE!!!!I LUV YOU CB ..SO IF YOU DNT LIKE HIM GET OFF HIS WEBSITES N QUIT POSTING BS ABOUT HIM

  2. kellyanna

    I think people need to leave chris brown alone and start taking care of themselves and i hope chris brown decides to sue these tabolids for salender. Cause its just ridicolus you guys dont give charlie sheen this amount of attention.

  3. Oh kellyanna, sue? That just isn’t Chris’s way hes more of a fist to the face head to the dashboard type of guy~

  4. Ivanna23

    I agree wot JOY he is human and micheal Jackson was his inspiration growing up I read it in his book and how wuld yu guys feel if someone yu loved since yu were little passed huh? And people culd be making things up about it becus of the “whole insident of him and Rihanna” but who really Knos about all that to !? So give him a dam break

  5. michael steed

    i think ppl need to just leave chris alone he did what he did did his time lets move on about it now chris is a highly talented young black guy lets get back on that his talent n not his PASS mistakes cause no one is still on hers………………………………

  6. Denise

    for goodness sake he was singing “man in the mirror!” i cry when i sing that song

  7. maurshel

    Yea all yall how talkin bout chris yall need to leave them man alone and yea he is a human and yea he do make mistakes but dang i bet yall out there make mistake too so yall just need to stop hating on that nigga and leave him along he put his heart out on that stage for micheal jaskon and yea them was some real man tear so all yall haters out there leave him along and get off his website dam . . . I love u chris

  8. roni

    Chris what GOD has for you is for you,GOD is in control. Focus on what GOD says U R. This happened 4 your good, I pray that U have learned from your mistake,but nobody can point fingers. We all need forgiveness for something. Please GOD 1st,seek him 1st and all the other things shall be added unto you. Keep things as clean and GODLY as possible. Michael kept things clean and decent.(we need more of that) be a positive example, GOD had given you another chance. Keep things as clean as U can so babies, teens,young adults, and adults, young and old can be your fans. Don’t worry about all of the negative comments. No one has know place to put you. People kill me knowing what people R doing, feeling,and thinking. Who wanted their opinon anyway. GOD SPEED. ALWAYS acknowledge him Always

  9. thumper

    retire plz

  10. i agree with you joy leave chris brown because they for gave T.I fast then THEY DI CHRIS BROWN GIVE HIM ACHANCE YOU BITCHES ARE JUST MADE

  11. Tina

    Joy, we know more than what was in magazines and on TV. We know what Rihanna looked like after they were, yes, alone together that evening. And we know that Chris plead guilty, apologized, and said he takes full responsibility for beating his girlfriend. I find it truly sickening that you Ivanna23 can call look at that picture of Rihanna, and call her a liar. Do you imagine that she did that to herself? That aliens did it? It’s beyond belief that you can vilify the victim like that.

    As for forgiveness? If he had spent even one month in jail, it would have been far less time than his actions warranted under the law. He did not spend a single day in jail. If he accepted responsibility for his actions, he wouldn’t have tried to circumvent the restraining order by vacationing with RIhanna. More than that, he wouldn’t have put Rihanna in the position of having to break ties with her abuser. What has he done to warrant forgiveness? All he’s done is mouth meaningless apologies, and in the next breath, ask for forgiveness, as if we owe it to him.

  12. I cant’ believe he was singing man in the mirror – makes me sad every time I hear it.

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