Kelly Clarkson’s Got Her Something For The 4th Of July

Kelly Clarkson’s rafter-reaching pipes had even First Lady Michelle Obama bouncing in her seat at ABC’s America Celebrates July 4th TV special taping, where she delivered a stunning, in-your-face rendition of Nikka Costa’s fierce 2001 hit “Everybody Got Their Something”.  (We put Kelly on our July 4 BBQ playlist for a reason, people.) Watch Kelly get funky for her country after the jump. Honestly, who else but Kelly could shake up a staid Washington affair with such booty-shaking soul – while rocking an overflowing black evening gown?

kelly @ Yahoo! Video

It’s a typically riveting performance for Kelly, and it may provide a bit of consolation (or maybe just salt the wounds) for fans who had purchased tickets to see her on the Lillith Fair, where she’s called off her appearances. We love seeing Kelly playing with the slightly R&B-tinged style of some of her early recordings, but — at least right now — it doesn’t sound like we’ll be hearing much of it on her new album, which she’s been recording in Los Angeles. Instead, she’s aiming for “industrial/raw/awesome”. Hey, she’s miss independent, and we love her for it.

[Via Prophet]