Kylie Minogue Has A Gay Ol’ Time At G-A-Y Nightclub

Although Kylie Minogue claims she has “no objectivity” when she writes her songs, her Aphrodite collaborator Calvin Harris definitely knows what kind of music he’s making. “I made some of the gayest-sounding songs I’ve ever made with Kylie and Jake [Shears],” Harris recently told the Sydney Star Observer about his experience writing for Kylie’s latest album (her fifth to hit #1 in the U.K.). “I’d listen to it and think, Wow, this is really gay… The old euphoric rush has something to do with pop music.”

With that said, there really was no better place for Kylie to perform some of her new tunes than at London’s G-A-Y nightclub over the weekend. Live videos of Aphrodite tracks, including “All The Lovers”, after the jump!

“Get Outta My Way” (Live)

“Aphrodite” (Live)

“All The Lovers” (Live)