Drake Gets Inspired By Models On Semi-New Track “Paris Morton Music”

Jul 12th, 2010 // 7 Comments

Drake guested on Rick Ross’ track “Aston Martin Music” from his forthcoming album Teflon Don, but his one verse apparently wasn’t enough for Drizzy—he had to record his own version with him taking over the mic. (Is he getting ego tips from Kanye or something?) The rapper took to his blog to post his take on Ross’ track, renaming it “Paris Morton Music” after the model. Did Drake give Ross a run for his money? Hear his altered tune below.

Drake – “Paris Morton Music”

Paris Morton Music – Drake by user7183165

Drake somehow manages to go from misogynistic (“I hate callin’ women bitches, but the bitches love it”) and then immediately becomes a sweetheart without skipping a beat, urging “all daughters to kiss their mothers… you’re never too grown up to miss and hug her.” A man of many emotions, that Drake.

Regardless, we personally prefer the original—no diss to Drake’s flow here, but the melody from Ross’ “Aston Martin Music”, as well as Chrisette Michele’s vocals, are missing from this rap-only track.

Whether or not you’re into the song, I think we can all agree on Drizzy’s muse—thanks to a quick Google image search, here’s the Paris Morton in question.

Now that’s a woman who deserves her own song.

  1. Stephen

    You’re only wrong in one sense. Drake didn”t record his own side of the song, his verses we just not in the original. If you look up the official extended version…you’ll see that his verses are added in.

    So it’s not an ego trip, the guy just already had a verse ready that Ross didn’t use on the original.

  2. daoribosscfco

    @stephen yaah no ego shyt but ross prolly dint put it in the real song because it was kind of different from his own two verses like it was bitter or something ross was po-si-tive lol like always ummm and Even if drake did it later just now mayb he really liked the beat and everything like really had to put it out

  3. tyla jones

    honestly though the last thing i hear in this song is ego… dumbass

  4. Man Drake never ceases 2amaze me man..I really love his music..n no bs d@ girl Paris Morton is fire!!

  5. Awe look at my sister! Hey guys look for my music coming soon; “Now or later” demo. Find me on Face book and key in Ryan Morton…

  6. darren

    wooooow.you like rick ross’ version better than drake version?????????-all i can say is …….woooooow.lol and drake does sing in paris morton music which in my opinion sounds better than Chrisette Michele’s one .

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