Did Lady Gaga Steal Her Style From Miss Piggy?

Jul 16th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Aren’t we about due for a new Lady Gaga feud? It’s been, what, a whole day since she was pitted against Justin Bieber in a scrum over YouTube popularity. That of course came on the heels of her war with X-Tina and a bizarre pseudo-tiff with Jerry Seinfeld over box seats. So who’ll be set up as Gaga’s next nemesis? How about Miss Piggy? After all, according to this extensive gallery over at Oh No They Didn’t, they sure do wear a lot of the same outfits and hang out with the same people.

Plus, in the upcoming Jason Segel-penned Muppets movie, it appears that Piggy is being reenvisioned as a “Lady Gaga-esque character living in Europe.” (Warning: there is Muppet nipple at the link. Be cautious if you don’t want your childhood tarnished.) [ONTD]



    OMG, she totally ripped off Miss Piggy. LOL, that’s actually pretty funny. <3

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