Magazine Cover-Off: T.I. Vs. B.o.B Vs. Lindsay Lohan On ‘Complex’

We’re not exactly sure how one issue of a magazine could boast three separate covers with three different artists, but if Complex is going to give us a choice, then we want you to be the judge. Which artist rocked the cover of Complex mag’s August/September issue the best—rapper T.I., hip-pop newcomer B.o.B or sometimes-singer Lindsay Lohan? Covers below:

B.o.B, being attacked by cartoon instruments…


T.I., looking extremely dark and foreboding while being eaten alive by silly string…


Or Lindsay Lohan, actually looking healthy for the first time in awhile (we credit the dark hair and lots of Photoshop).

Complex_Lohan_625-450x609 Okay, folks, which cover makes you want to pick up a copy of Complex more? Throw your pick in the comments, and head on over to Complex to read T.I. and B.o.B‘s interviews. (Lindsay didn’t give an interview, as she was kind of preoccupied with more pressing matters at the time.)