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  • Anonymous

    david has hazel/green eyes, not blue, but that’s ok… i think his appeal lies in his ability to just come across as being a regular, sometimes shy guy in spite of his vast talent. he doesn’t project or seem to have the arrogance, pretentiousness or be as self absorbed as many pop singers come off as. he projects a smile that lights up a room, puts whoever is the recipient at ease. then when he takes the stage, he transforms into a very confident, dynamic, dare to say very sexy singer capable of making you get up and dance or cry depending on the type of song he’s singing. david is a genuinely gifted and versatile performer who just has that indefinable ‘x’ factor. he compels your attention from the moment he takes over the stage or screen till he leaves it, and leaves a lasting impression long afterwards. in essence, he’s just a star. through and through.

    • Becky Bain

      We’ve fixed his eye color. We don’t know what we were thinking (or whose eyes we were getting lost in) while writing that. We’re going with hazel.

  • A Fan

    Just what is it about David Archuleta?…..First talent … Too many music artist today just can’t sing live. And I no that as fact as I have been to many concerts. David is an awesome live performer his voice just resonates. I had the opportunity to see him twice in concert and the at the shows end left you wanting more. He can sing all types of music. I saw a clip of him singing Maybe, I’m Amazed on Fox that just rocked. Not to mention that he is quite handsome and charming. So true that once David hits the stage he transforms into a dynamtic performer. Can’t wait till his next tour I will so be there.

  • musicholic

    An outstanding voice, perfect to deliver romantic lyrics and have women of all ages swooning. The dreamy hazel eyes are a nice touch too!

  • violet4ever

    Good catch Anonymous #1. Yeah David has amazing hazel eyes that photograph as dark brown in low light, soft green in medium or diffused light, and amber when direct light hits his eyes. He’s not very big in size but he’s a huge talent. I love his rich voice and the emotion in his singing, and he’s a ton of fun while still having really good values and a refreshing humility and honesty. Nothing fake about David. He’s a joy to be around and to follow as a fan. Such a nice guy. I cannot wait to see the music video for his new song. I’m preordering his album The Other Side of Down at his official site’s store tonight, and I am looking forward to whenever he tours the new album.

  • somebody

    David is more than boyish charm. He’s just a great guy trying to do good with music and he is good. Alot of people really like who he is and how he shares music in a personal way.

  • Jenna

    David is the most gifted, talented young artist to come along in decades. He has such a beautiful voice and connection with music and yeah….he is extremely versatile, can sing anything and turn it into something amazing. When David sings it goes right to your heart. You feel what he is feeling in his music. To see him perform live is an incredible memorable experience. His beautiful smile will brighten anyone’s day. Then there is his wonderful character, honesty and integrity. He is as real and genuine as they come and has a heart of gold. IMHO…David is a once in a lifetime experience. There just isn’t anyone out there in the music world like him and I agree…he is a star…naturally! There is just so much to love about David!

  • http://ArchuletaPhilippines elizabeth godino

    Almost everything in Archie is almost perfect. Archie is an epitome of a person who is really beautiful inside out. He has no bad bone … loaded with tons of talents, superfluous moral attitudes, best look and most important is his great love for his works and Fans. He should be an ambassador for the youth.

  • Ashley

    Aww <333333

  • js

    What is there not to love about David? He is such a genuine good person. He is so happy and positive all the time, I can’t help myself but to smile and be happy too!!

  • whatha?

    “Baby Blue Eyes???”…..OH. NO. U. DIDNT….. : )))))

  • Sangey

    he’s easy to love because he loves us back. <3

  • Diana

    Hmm there are many endless reasons why we love David. For me its because he is such a geniunely good person. He cares about the stuff that goes on in life. When he has free time he spends it promoting a charity or singing/ attending important events for a great cause. He has a precious, beautiful voice and is not concieted about it. He makes you feel a song like no other artist can. He inspires us to be better people and to live out our passions. He has character and is different than alot of the male celebs and regular guys are. He is not perfect of course but he almost seems like it. His smile is contagious and beautiful not to mention is really good looking. Plus his eyes are to die for! I can easily see why they put baby blue eyes because in the ALTNOY video it looked like it haha but their a unique hazel. Thats why I love David

  • Diana

    If I could add one more thing: I think he is a one in a life time thing too. There is no other like Archuleta

  • Leslie

    What is it about David? David is such a delight in every way:
    He is a rare singer – so unique and beautiful in voice and tone with gorgeous control, and never to be mistaken for any other voice!! He is great to listen to live, he sounds just as good as on any CD.
    He is a delightful personality, so happy that it is contagious and one can’t help but smile at him smiling.
    He is such a savant in his ability to communicate emotion in every song that he sings, people are always commenting on how they cried listening to his singing!!
    He is a pleasure to look at, all the beauty and none of the teenage angst and attitude of youth that can be so off-putting.
    He is genuine and caring.
    He is a great role model for other people.
    All this combines to make him so appealing to people of all ages. He has fans all over the world who adore him.

  • http://FOD Sharon

    I just have to support what everyone here has said about David!! I am a sixty something mother of 2 and grammy of 4 and I have been loved music my entire life. Never in those years have I been so attracted to a such a musical artist! David is just a genius. His music and his heart intermingle in each song and he uses that adoring charisma of his to connect with all of his fans!! What is it about David??? It is his voice like no other, his huge giving, caring heart, his courage of his convictions, and a smile that spreads happiness and love, and lights up the world! He is truly a gem . To know David is to love him!!

  • lct

    David is everything a fan wants! He’s talented and can sing so beautifully live (check out one of his concerts and you’ll see). He’s got a wonderful personality to go with that voice AND he’s so handsome! But what is so attracting to him is that personality! Not too many artists can compete with that!

  • LucyPR

    David is wholesome, beautiful inside and out and is the real deal when it come to outstanding talent. Right now there is no one in the music business that has his fresh look, great personality and is a wonderful role model to everyone and the amazing voice that pours emotion everytime he sings.
    One more thing, David loves his fans and gives so much and appreciates everything and everyone.
    Unique human being!

  • anonymous

    Let’s face it he has the ” it factor” he’s young, easy on the eyes, very talented in many ways and then some. His personality is rare these days, very humble and giving and truly loves and appreciates his diverse fanbase!

  • Robin F

    David is so easy to love because he is so giving and caring to all who come in contact with him. He is always so positive and creates a positive vibe wherever he goes. His genuinely good inner soul shines through those hazel eyes. Then he starts to sing and if you weren’t already impressed you will be jaw dropping amazed. That voice just stops you in your tracks. You can go to the same concert 5 different times and it will still feel like a new experience because he sings a song how he feels it on that particular day. I just cannot get enough of this young man!

  • lisa

    i think david’s genuine goodness and charm just radiate, and people are drawn to him….and then there is the voice!!!

  • gracie

    He is like a hidden diamond. Precious. Not cheap. Respectful. Trustworthy.
    There was a picture of him performing his heart out in a concert. While he was totally into a song, a button in his shirt got loosen up and he showed a little bit more skin than usual. Of course, he didn’t realize it. That day and following, his fans talked about his unbuttoned shirt and skin all day long. haha. He is so fresh. Just precious….

  • vickie

    What is it about David that draws so many people to him? I know I was “hooked” from the moment he sang’ Waiting on the World to Change”. His sincerity, honesty, humility, and gratefulness is evident in everything he does. I was drawn to him initially because of his amazing voice but his spirit and soul has kept me a member of his loyal fan base. There has never been another performer that I have invested so much time, money, and travel in. If you read his book “Chords of Strength” you will start to understand what it is that prompts David to be the performer and person he is. His voice can soothe your soul, make you jump with joy, and bring you to tears. His heart is always open to the needs of others first. He is someone I admire and that is very rare in the world today. I am very proud to be a David fan.

  • Kathy C.

    I’m so happy to be able to enjoy David and his music. I hope it lasts forever. And then some…I will support him always. :-)