Nicki Minaj Dies Hard Like Bruce Willis In Her “Your Love” Video

Nicki Minaj has a bona fide summer smash on her hands with “Your Love,” which cracked the Top 20 of Billboard‘s Hot 100 last week by climbing to #18 and is also at #1 on the Rap Songs chart.  And for the Hype Williams-directed music video for her hit, the Harajuku Barbie falls for her samurai instructor—but things don’t quite end happily ever after. Watch below.

We really expected Nicki to waste that other warrior-in-training hater. The fact that she dies—and does so in such a beautiful way here—kind of makes us love her all the more.

And sorry, Tom Cruise—but this was a far less-painful watch than The Last Samurai.

“Your Love” samples from Annie Lennox’s version of “No More ‘I Love You’s’,” and there must just be something about that song that inspires fancy dress-up—in some form or other.

Nicki Minaj’s debut album is scheduled for a November 23 release.

  • Brandon Hall

    That is probably the best music video so far this year theres this small new trend going around right now where music videos make sense, lets keep that up.

    Anyways this song and video are infinitely better than Massive Attack and its video, I like the softer side of Ms Minaj and this proves that rappers dont need to just be standing in front of a green screen for an entire video.

  • Brandon

    It was very corny, but I loved it! I can’t wait ’till her album drops!

  • Constance

    Wow what a difference from the gay tomboy she is…

    Great makeover!

  • lilikins

    everything Brandon Hall just said makes absolute sense… word up home slice

    I don’t think minaj deserves all the credit though I’m sure someone pitches a common sense idea to her

  • Ssan

    I love nicki..n her voice is beautiful!

  • LMG

    I thought this was a joke. Never heard the song before and thought it childish upon first listen, not only her singing voice but also the song verses and the whole concept. She’s beautiful but that doesn’t make talent. Look at Taylor Swift, pretty but if she was caught in a paperbag and had to sing to find her way out of it she would so be lost. For some reason this site is pushing this artist and that Robyn girl. I like your popping up’s for the new artist and all but I believe that there are more singers out there than just those two.

  • Danielle Montgomery

    i wonder why ppl hated on nicki manaj did she do any thing to yall ..NO!!!!!!!! she didnt so shut yall little big butts up!!!!! she a good rapper and u need to notice! u know i should kick yall faces right now! and nicki if u see my messege right now i want to thank u for makeing these songs and im ur number one fan and u should really sue ppl right now because if u dont i will girl!!!

    love ya! keep it up girl!


  • beasty song

    the song is nice on the ears