Kid Cudi Reassures Us That He Prefers Weed To Liquid Cocaine

Kid Cudi performed at the Music Hall of Williamsburg last night, his first New York show following his June arrest for breaking down a door and possessing liquid cocaine, a drug so elite we’ve never even heard of it before. After performing “All Summer” with Converse buddies Rostam Batmanglij and Bethany Cosentino, as well as flowing through his own solo set, Cudi commented on his arrest. Sort of.

Cudi kicked things off by bashing music critics in a British accent (“most of the people that talk shit couldn’t make a song if their life depended on it”), he ended his set by making note of his arrest in a roundabout way:

“I know you guys were hearing some shit about me in the news, but I’m good now … I just smoke weed. I know niggas die when they 27 [referring to the “27 Club”]. I’m 26 now, but I promise I’ll live till I’m old as shit.”

We’re still wondering whose door it was that Cudder knocked down—all we know is that it was a woman—and if liquefied narcotics had anything to do with Cudi bashing it down. We probably won’t be treated to answers to these questions at any upcoming Kid Cudi shows, unfortunately. Let’s hope he means it when he says he’s “good now”, as he seemed much more peaceful and fun-loving when he referred to himself simply as a lonely stoner.