PHOTOS: Lilith Fair 2010 Makes A Stop In Indiana

Despite the unfortunate circumstances that lead to <A HREF=””>some major artists</a> <A HREF=””>pulling out</a> of the 2010 Lilith Fair, the show must go on. Last night the “Celebration Of Women In Music”, set up camp in Indianapolis. The femme festival included Miranda Lambert, Dixie Chicks Martie Maguire and Emily Robison’s side project Court Yard Hounds, Mary J. Blige (who gave performed her amazing cover of “Stairway To Heaven”) and of course, Sarah McLachlan. Flip through to see all the Lilith action you missed, or for those of you in Detroit consider it a sneak preview for the performances you’ll be getting later today. And for an official vid recap of the Lilith Fair in Indiana click <A HREF=”″>here</a>.