Hear Ace Of Base’s New Single “All For You” In Full

While debate wages on over whether Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson, the two new female vocalists in Ace Of Base, are up to mustard compared to original members/siblings Jenny and Linn Berggren, a radio rip of the Swedish group’s new single “All For You” has surfaced. Get a better idea of the latest AOB additions’ vocals after the jump.

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Ace.Of_.Base_.-All-For-You-Brand-NEW-Single-July-2010-HQ-Radio-Rip.mp3" text="Ace Of Base - All For You" dl="0"]

Earlier today, Base member Ulf Ekberg wrote the following on the band’s Facebook wall: “Amazing, after 3 years in the process, to finally hear “All for You” on the radio! What a relief!!!”

Musically, everything about this new Ace Of Base (now stylized as Ace.Of.Base) tune has all the hallmarks of an old Ace Of Base song—shimmering synths (think “Don’t Turn Around”), an infectious Euro-pop stomp (“Life Is A Flower”), lyrics reflecting a troubled relationship (“The Sign”) and quirky, hopeful phrasing like “sunny, sunny days” (a la “it’s a day for catching tan” from “All That She Wants” or “there’s so many things there that’s gonna lift you up” from “Beautiful Life”).

So does it matter that half of the band—i.e. the main vocal half—has been replaced? Or would it have been better if they had decided to carry on under a different name? (And, no—adding those dots doesn’t count.)

  • Monkichi

    As a fan from the start, the legend that was Ace of Base made heat waves in the 90’s like a fire fed by pure oxygen. With sisters Linn and Jenny, they brought a level of emotion when they sung that was simply real and magical. It was the oxygen that fed the fire. They etched moments in 90’s history that will forever be remembered. Ace of Base will forever be identified by Ulf, Jonas, Linn and Jenny.

    The new single and band line up leaves much to be desired. The vocals are weak and bland which is cemented by the fact that the track sounds over produced, and heavily edited. It embodies an element like any flash in the pan dance act of today. It has no substance and mirrors what Cascada could do with very little effort.


    Having new faces in the lineup and still carrying the name Ace of Base is insulting. If they would have given the new band a new name I would have more respect for them.

    The legend that was Ace of Base will never be matched because good music never dies. Forever the memories…

  • http://www.911blogger.com Eloy

    I disagree. If Ace of Base is to live on, then they have to adapt. And adapt they have! I love this song!

    Times change but the glory of the Ace of Base never does!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erin-Morelli/1088910030 Erin Morelli

    @Monkichi – You took the words right out of my mouth. The core elements are there, yes, but the vocals are lacking the emotion. Had Jenny and Linn been on this track instead, it would have been GOLD.

  • http://www.twitter.com/bombshell2nite Jolene

    Totally agree with you guys. I have been a long time Acer. Not sure if you guys are on the Ace Boards but it has divided the fan community. One side says the change is good and the other is against it. I am not against Ulf and Jonas making new music, but I am against them tarnishing the name of Ace of Base with two new singers that couldn’t even hold a dim light match to Jenny and Linn. CHANGE the name guys, it’s not Ace of Base. You can’t recapture the essence and spirit of the original band unless you bring back Linn and Jenny. It’s over!!!!!!!!!! The memories are all I have now. :(

  • JV

    I half agree. This will never match classic Ace of Base (the best pop music of all time). But, as an AoB-starved fan, I’m just glad to have new music to listen to. It’s not too bad after all, esp. some of the dance mixes!

  • Marcus

    I love the new song, All For You, and can’t wait for the new album! I think the band’s new line-up looks and sounds great.

  • http://n casio

    the instrumental is great but i hate the new vocals and these girls kinda look like Miley Cyrus lookalikes and that’s awful… maybe the kids will like it but I think the band shouldnt be called Ace of Base anymore, they would get better acceptance from old fans if launched with a brand new name, as a brand new band. Just my 2 cents… Greetings from a disappointed brazilian fan