School Gyrls Show Their Moves (But Not Mariah Carey) In “Get Like Me”

School Gyrls engage in a “Beat It”-esque dance-off with a rival pack of teens in their video for “Get Like Me.” You may recall that this is the jam that Mariah Carey provides backing vocals on. (Her husband Nick Cannon put School Gyrls together). So who wins this diva showdown in the end? Watch the video after the jump to see.

Earlier this year, School Gyrls member Monica Parales spoke to Idolator about working with Mariah. “Miss Mariah Carey has definitely been supportive of the School Gyrls,” she said. “[‘Get Like Me’] was written by her and Nick. When we were recording the song, she was very hands-on with the sound…”

That said, too bad Mimi doesn’t make a cameo in the vid. We can just picture in a tight red jacket, getting between the gangs and busting out a few MJ moves.

Okay—no we can’t.