Listen To Katy Perry’s Lovely Love Song “Teenage Dream”

Katy Perry’s title track from her sophomore release Teenage Dream finally surfaced… but is it as dreamy as her album cover art? Listen to the song below.

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“You think I’m pretty without any makeup on / You think I’m funny when I get the punchline wrong,” sings a breathy Katy in one of the most precious love songs we’ve heard from the pop singer.

Katy continues toeing the line between minx and kitten with lyrics about giving it all away: “Let’s go all the way tonight / No regrets, just love / We can dance until we die / You and I will be young forever / You make me feel like I’m living in a teenage dream.”

Unfortunately, most teenage dreams today probably involve wussy vampires. Hopefully there aren’t any in the song’s video, which for all we know at this point is just four minutes of sexy nightswimming.

It’s sweet, catchy, and although we don’t think it will have quite the impact on pop culture that Perry’s “California Gurls” had, we think this pleasent slice of pop will be a welcome reprieve for those burnt out on all the various incarnations of Daisy Dukes, bikinis on top.

  • Gilda

    LOL, nice shot at Twilight! Although you better be careful, cause their rabid fans may track you down and get back at you for that!

  • Brandon

    Love it.

  • John

    My reaction is “meh”, but I’m predisposed to not like her.

  • Jasmine

    Love :)

  • Robbie Daw

    Oh no….must resist….kind of like….imploding!!

  • No

    She talked about Twilight it’s on now lol!

  • Gthang

    I LOVE her new song. I just have to remember that she is just a pop singer, nothing more, nothing less.

  • anon

    When in it does she dis Twilight?

    Love her, love the song!

  • Irene

    the song is alright but it’s not powerful

  • Jacques

    just hate the face that her work just HAS to be so corny.. =[ Nothing revolutionary but hey, I can’t deny the fact that its a really good song

  • Jacques

    just hate the fact that her work just HAS to be so corny.. =[ Nothing revolutionary but hey, I can’t deny the fact that its a really good song!

  • Browneyes

    Good song good singer thats Katy PERRY

  • natalie

    love the song!!! and Katy Perry

  • Quad

    I think the only reason they are dissin twilight is because it gets more fame than she ever will stop hating and deal with it but your songs rock so no complaining there

  • hello

    Wow ur a spazz!!!

  • Amer Mogul

    She so pretty, and so cute!! And her words are sooo dreamy, i am in teenage love again, love you baby xxx

  • Bernadette

    Great song! It’s a great portrayal of not only her and Russell’s relationship, but also today’s teenagers.

    Everyone – parents, kids, teens, critics – seems to think that sex and everything leading up to that when you’re a teenager is taboo. But it’s not. The parents that think that need to remember when they were younger and were thinking about fondling and loving on their boyfriend or girlfriend. Kids will grow up and understand that is how hormones make you act and think. Teens, we are ALL guilty of thinking about that one person that we crush on or like, or maybe even love while not being all so innocent like some of us want our parents to think. But we turn around and tell our friends a whole different story, and then we tell our boyfriend or girlfriend another totally different story. Myself included. Critics, it’s their job to “critique” on the lightning-speed-train teenagers ride to love or lust with someone, like the “sex sells” idea. Which – SURPRISE – it does. I don’t support unsafe sexual encounters (rape, molestation- I’m very against it), but I do support choice. It’s grown and become an epidemic in American culture, from tv shows to songs, books to movies, school to innuendos said by everybody. Even kids shows have innuendos in them. And everyone goes up in fire if a Disney-bred teenager takes photos of themselves or dances on a pole. Nowadays, it’s something that happens quite regularly.

    And the reason for break-ups after sex isn’t sex in all cases. It’s the pressure kids are under if they do have sex burdened upon them by their peers and friends. And “god forbid” the parentals find out. We have this idea that it’s all bad. If it wasn’t such a “bad” thing to do, there wouldn’t be so many angry teenagers. So thank you (myself included) for being hypocrites, because life is so much harder with judgement.

    • MissJaideronne

      what are u talking about?

  • SouthSideScotty

    Love Katy and the 1st CD just came so out of nowhere with almost every song grabbin hold of my ears on the very 1st listen. This song didnt do that for me and although Im sure it will grow on me after a few listens, if thats 1 of the best songs on the album then Im already feeln a little let down.

  • XXXO Lyrics

    MIA is goin insane on dat new song xxxo. Tha lyrics iz hard but the clip ain’t that nice.

  • Vivie

    OMG- that is well said. :D <3

  • lady gaga

    Teenage dreamin alright. She is taking it all off for all of us. She and Gaga are so much alike. Check out my name to see the pictures of Gaga at her last show. So hot!

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  • Dream

    Love Katy Perry!



  • MissJaideronne


    SHE ROCKS!!!!!!

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    I LOVE this song (: its amazing (:

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