‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Enrique Performs And Everybody’s Safe—For Now

The judges have had it easy thanks to the curse of Season 7. Instead of having to break the bad news to a beloved dancer, an injury arises and does the eliminating for them. That is until last night. With Billy Bell opting to sit this week out (even with a doctor’s permission to dance), the judges finally had a chance to use their powers to send a dancer home (cough. Jose. cough). Instead, they opted to sit this week out of judging. That’s right, everyone stays this week! First they bring back the All-Stars, then we have a Top 11, then two injuries, and now this! Everything is going straight to Crazy Town on SYTYCD. Catch all the madness from the results show below.

The night kicked off with a jazzy “All That Jazz” routine complete with flashy red gloves and bowler hats, choreographed by Kelley Abbey, .

After giving us the obvious news right off the bat that Lauren and Kent were safe, we were treated to an amazing number from the American Ballet Theater. We know what they’re doing is impossible and yet not for a second does it look like work.


Then after making Adechike, Robert, and Jose wait till after the commercial break, Cat informs Chike that he’s safe tonight. We might have applauded and cheered at our TVs. AdeChike has really had it tough this season with constant criticism from the judges and finding himself in the Bottom Three on more than one occasion. It was nice to see that his performance on Wednesday night didn’t go unnoticed by the judges or audiences at home for once.

While Jose and Robert (who we want to start calling “Short Shorts”) prepared to dance for their lives, we got to witness a jaw dropping number from a contestant that only made it to Vegas, DJ Smart. Did anyone else remember him from auditions? His unbelievable shackled routine last night made us question a) how is it possible to forget someone who could dance like this and b) how is it possible that a guy who can dance like this didn’t make it past Vegas?!


Next it was time for Jose and Robert to dance for their lives. It was so evident that Robert was dancing from his heart we were certain that the judges would not be sending him home. And while Nigel may have said that Jose is growing in his own B-Boy style, we didn’t see it in his one minute routine (not that we could ever balance ourselves on one hand the way Jose does).

The judges deliberated while Enrique (who seems to have dropped his last name) and Pitbull performed “I Like It”. Between Enrique’s whole “artist with one name” deal, the auto-tuning, and the green laser overload in his performance we couldn’t help but be reminded of another one-named artist: Cher.

Then it was time for the moment of truth. Billy’s choice not to dance this week even with the doctor’s go ahead meant that if the judges let him stay, he would have an advantage over the other dancers since he got a week to rest. However, the judges didn’t feel right sending him home since there was nothing to actually “judge” him on this week (um, how about judging him on taking a “buy”?). We knew they weren’t going to send Robert home after the praise they gave him on Wednesday night. And we know that they are completely incapable of even giving Jose criticism with out apologizing and cringing, so when the time finally does come to let him go they’re going to have to do it through telegram or something. So, Nigel decided that every gets to pass go and collect 200 dollars and head straight into next week, but it also means that we are losing two contestants next Thursday. How incredibly unfair to Lauren, Kent, and AdeChike (especially AdeChike). They earned the votes that kept them safe, but it was worth nothing because no one was going home.

What do you think of the judges decision not to eliminate anyone? Who do you think is heading home next Thursday? Comment below!