The 7 Classiest Quotes From Katy Perry’s ‘Billboard’ Cover Story

With “California Gurls” standing out as a serious contender for Song Of The Summer, naturally Billboard snagged Katy Perry—who this week unveiled her Teenage Dream album cover and released its eponymous single (listen here)—for it’s latest cover and anointed her “The New Queen Of Pop.” And naturally this led us to round up her classiest quotes from the writeup! Read on, boys and gurls.


* “I’m not coming out trying to prove anything to anyone, like, ‘Oh, I’m in assless chaps!’ or ‘I can’t be tamed!’ I’ve already been through that phase. I started at 23, you know?” [Yeah, Miley!]

* “I really wanted to call this album Teenage Wet Dream.”

* On a certain lyric from “California Gurls”: “I don’t like sand in my stilettos. Whoever wrote that line deserves to be fired!”

* “I’m not saying, ‘Oh, my God! “California Gurls” is a fucking genius opus!’ I just know what kind of card this summer needs, and that’s the one I’m playing.”

* “I really love going to shows where I’m sandwiched between people, and you don’t know if the sweat on you is yours or the person’s next to you.”

* On Teenage Dream‘s “Circle The Drain,” which was inspired by her ex Travie McCoy: “It’s kind of like my ‘You Oughta Know’ Alanis Morissette moment.”

* And the classiest quote comes from Jason Flom, onetime chairman/CEO of Capitol Records, who signed Perry to the label, as he says, for cheap: “…it was a really bad deal because she’d been dropped, so it’s not like we were going to give her a huge advance.”

No matter, Katy. You may lack in riches from your label, but you’re the New Queen Of Pop. Now, go pawn that crown and buy yourself some clothes to cover up with, young lady!