The Morning Mix: Maroon 5 Boycott Arizona

Did You Hear?

:: Maroon 5 is joining the list of music acts (including Kanye West and Nine Inch Nails) boycotting Arizona from their national tour in protest of the state’s new immigration law. [PopEater]

:: M.I.A. is dissing Lady Gaga yet again. Must be a day that ends in Y. [Celebuzz]

:: Watch a high-quality interlude video from Gaga’s concert where her legs go on backwards, she eats a bovine heart and she gets blue paint thrown up on her. Quaint. [Vulture]

:: Check out a first-look pic of Jennifer Hudson as Nelson Mandela’s wife in the movie Winnie. [Hip-Hop Wired]

:: Nick Jonas allegedly sent his Les Miserables co-star (and new girlfriend?) a heart-shaped pizza. Unfortunately, the pizza was made in England, so it couldn’t have been any good. [Best Week Ever]

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Music On TV Today:
:: Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC) — Lyle Lovett
:: Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) —
:: Lopez Tonight (TBS) — Selena Gomez
:: Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) — Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
:: Last Call with Carson Daly (ABC) — OK Go, Paolo Nutini (repeat)
:: Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS) — She & Him
:: Ellen DeGeneres (ABC) — Adam Lambert (repeat)


  • AZVBallGirl

    These guys are so ignorant!!! They should get a clue, read the law and then make an educated decision. I hate when musicians & Hollywood personalities use their celebrity status and jump on the “Bandwagon” without researching the issues for themselves. There is a significant difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration and Arizona is not fighting against immigration all together, just ILLEGAL. Why should Arizona be punished & boycott for being the only state to actually enforce the Federal Immigration Laws?

    Wake up & educate yourselves before you start boycotting. I use to be a fan of Maroon 5, …I guess I’ll be chucking that CD right over the border fence!!

  • DJriver

    That’s right Volleyball Girl . . . and if we were to turn that same flawed logic on them, we would assume they are racist for having an all white band!