Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad And The Dreamy In This Week’s Reader Comments

Katy Perry teased and tantalized this week, first by unveiling the single cover for “Teenage Dream,” then the album cover and finally the song itself. See how our readers reacted to that, as well as all the pop business Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, David Archuleta, Adam Lambert and Enrique Iglesias got up to over the past seven days, below.

Katy Perry Teenage Dream:: Gthang took a philosophical approach to Listen To Katy Perry’s Lovely Love Song “Teenage Dream”: “I LOVE her new song. I just have to remember that she is just a pop singer, nothing more, nothing less.”

:: Meanwhile, Justin longed for divine intervention on Katy Perry Reveals Her Dreamy Teenage Dream Cover Art: “I only wish it had more Christian parallels or angel wings. ;)”

:: Vonswaqqr was feeling the recovery on Sneak Peek: Rihanna On The Set Of “Love The Way You Lie”: “i Love the Song, And i Love The Way Rihanna Looks in the Pictures, But i Must give them Props for Shooting the Video on Tuesday and Releasing Pics already, i Think Christina, and Gaga Should Take some Notes: No one likes to Wait for a Video…”

:: Nod3mybeats, however, was overcome with disturbia: “There is nothing, and I mean nothing GaGa needs to take notes on from Rhianna. Gaga’s videos make take long to come out, but they’re perpetually monumental and always visually interesting. She really did bring back music videos- they’d gotten dull, unintrigiuing, and purely ways for celebrities to make money off of their music.”

David Archuleta:: Brandon Hall gave his love to Nicki Minaj Dies Hard Like Bruce Willis In Her “Your Love” Video: “That is probably the best music video so far this year…”

:: Jenna explained just why there is Something ‘Bout Post-Idol David Archuleta: “David is the most gifted, talented young artist to come along in decades. He has such a beautiful voice and connection with music and yeah….he is extremely versatile, can sing anything and turn it into something amazing.”

:: Angela bundled up for Enrique Iglesias Performs “I Like It” On Regis & Kelly And We Like It: “Enrique I’m looking forward to seeing you hold your end of that bet lol.. Skiing nude is gonna be chilling.”

Rihanna Love The Way You Lie:: Indigo kept things subtle on Adam Lambert Looks Gorgeous In A New Lee Cherry Photo Shoot: “AH!!!!!!!!. HOT, SEXY, ADORABLE, GORGEOUS,BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTEN SINGER/ARTIST. LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!”

:: COMMENT OF THE WEEKGilda was feeling like a rude girl on Eminem Makes Surprise Appearance At Rihanna’s Los Angeles Concert: “For a few minutes, Eminem saved and soothed the ears of the crowd, but the therapy was only temporary, as not long afterward the aural torture of Rihanna’s billy goat vocals came back with a vengeance.”