Hear The Longer Version Of Natalia Kills’ Latest Song “Mirrors”

Mini movie maven/electro-pop singer Natalia Kills told us in the spring that her upcoming album Perfectionist “is about desire, wanting everything, having nothing.” And on new song “Mirrors,” which you can hear in full below, she takes those desires to a whole new naughty level. Loosen your collar and give it a listen.

Natalia’s label, Cherrytree Records, initially posted a minute-and-a-half of “Mirrors” on the the company’s site. Lucky for Kills fans, we nabbed a larger chunk of the slinky synth jam from a Cherrytree sampler CD being handed out at the Robyn/Kelis All Hearts Tour gigs.

[wpaudio url="http://idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Mirrors-from-Cherrytree-Radio-Sampler-Natalia-Kills.mp3" text="Natalia Kills - Mirrors" dl="0"]

“Turning the lights out, tighten the handcuffs and the mirror’s gonna fog tonight,” Natalia sings in “Mirrors,” which also conjures up imagery of stilettos in the neck and her object of desire’s exploding “love grenade.”

“It’s a true concept album, and even as I was writing all the songs and discovering what drives us as human beings I realized we are all perfectionists,” the 23-year-old singer explained to us about the LP she’s been working on. “Every time you go shopping, go on a date or go for a job interview, you’re looking for the best, for the ideal.”

Well, sorry gents—chuck the popcorn and roses in the trash can, because now we have some insight into what a kinky evening with Natalia is like .

What do you think of “Mirrors,” the latest preview of her forthcoming album?

  • Neon

    The player isn’t working! Is that really the full song?

    • Robbie Daw

      Hi Neon, what browser are you using? Try it on Firefox. The song is from a sampler being handed out at the Robyn/Kelis All Hearts Tour shows.

  • Neon

    Oh well I guess it’s just me. Could you please send me the mp3 file? Are there other songs on the sampler?

  • Lyle Anderson

    Well love this song :) Is it not meant to feature Akon though? Sounds incomplete somehow…

  • Alex

    love love love love love love love
    This song is so amazing! Even better than her promotional singles (way better actually), which I wasn’t sure if that was going to happen or not. I cannot wait for her album! It’s gonna be epic. :)

  • Ricky

    Thank God Akon isn’t in singing or anything in this! I prefer it that way.

  • Dave

    hello there , anyone knows what is the verison of natalia kills` mirrors where akon sing in it ???

  • Pete

    yeah does anyone know what version of mirrors akon sings in ?? you would be a huge help.